Tablet Counting and Filling Machine

Tablet Counting and Filling Machine – Tablet Counter and Filler, Bottle Tablet Counting Line

There is a variety of tablet counting and filling machines designed for coated and uncoated pills, capsules as well as soft gelatin capsules. The machine is able to accept multi channel feeding system, computerized controls, active image counting, automatic bottle transfer and auto stop mechanisms for enhanced performance. The equipment is designed according to the good manufacturing practices (GMP) standard, comprising of the best electric machinery for tablet counting and filling bottles in pharmaceutical and related applications. Some of the important features include;

  • Steady operation and reduced noise levels
  • Easier transport of bottles with efficient conveying systems
  • Intellectual touch screen controls that is also user friendly
  • On screen trouble description indicators, that makes easier trouble shooting and operation.

In operation, the machine ensures there is no breakage of products during packaging. The output capacity of the equipments ranges from 6000 to 12000 capsules per hour and a bottle filling capacity ranging from 40 – 150 bottles per minute.


The Shree Bhagwati Counter will fulfill all your needs of tablet / capsule counting and filling line. It enables every possibility!

  • 100% counting accuracy guaranteed.
  • Having highly speed
  • Counting quantity can be set from 3pieces to 3000 pieces per bottle.
  • The design of heavy duty stainless steel with polished welds on all horizontal surfaces prevents dust building up in operation. Seamless design prevents potential product contamination.
  • This machine is equipped with advanced detecting system including of a dust compensator and built-in spike controller. The sensor adjusts its sensitivity automatically to offset the gradual accumulation of “dust” on the sensor window.
  • Product contact materials are all made of 316,304 Stainless Steel or PE.
  • Auto rejection system removes incorrectly-filled containers off the conveyor and resets the correct counting amount. This machine is programmable to stop immediately when containers are incorrectly filled.
  • Meet cGMP or FDA and CE requirements.
  • The machine structure as below: