Lotion Filling Machine – Lotion Tube Filler

Lotion Filler is a device that helps in filling the handbags, facial tissue and also other skin related products that have been filled in the past by manual method. Lotion Filler machine ensures to give maximum fill to the products by efficiently mixing the ingredients. It also ensures the safety of the product by preventing the chemicals from leaking out. Lotion Filler is made with a unique filling and sealing technology, which is utilized to rapidly fill any liquid, lotion, cream, or even ointment from plastic tubing and is sealed with leak-proof cap.

Lotion Filler is one of the most reliable and safe tubes filling machines available in the market and it is a superior alternative to manual filling system. The automatic Lotion Filling Machine has an added advantage of automatic cleaning and maintenance facility where the machine can be cleaned without disturbing the working process. In fact, manual filling systems require frequent cleaning and maintenance to prevent wastage of products.

Lotion Filler uses two pumps for pumping and dispensing the product thereby reducing the work pressure. Lotion Filler machine provides quick filling and quick release feature to reduce wastage of lotions. Lotion Filling Machine has a light weight and robust construction. It uses the latest air pressure technology that guarantees quick and convenient filling of almost any size product whether facial tissue, handbags or soaps etc. Lotion Filler can be adjusted according to the size of the bottles, so that the volume of the liquid can be appropriately filled and dispensed. This machine can be conveniently used anywhere, even at home or at work place due to its portable nature.

The air pumps used in this machine are specially designed for dispensing lighter liquids like creams, lotions and oils as compared to normal pump that dispenses heavy oils and creams. Lotion Filler can also be used with hand weights to fill handbags and paper weights. It is equipped with a stainless steel screw and bolt to keep it safe and secure.

Lotion tube filling machine also known as wet tube filling system uses refillable individual reusable tubes to dispense a customized range of lotions and soaps. The refillable individual tubes are made of durable and high quality material like Pharmaceutical tape, polyethylene, cotton and rubber. Lotion tube filling machines offer a wide range of customized services to meet all your personal needs. It can be easily installed and works fine with both hot and cold process.

Lotion tube filling machine uses the latest high tech technology to ensure maximum freshness and minimize wastage of products. Lotion tube filling machines are very easy to maintain and clean, all you need to do is to wipe it with a damp cloth or paper to remove the dust particles. Lotion tube filling machines are designed in such a way that it requires minimum maintenance and cleaning. Lotion filling machines are also durable and designed to give you maximum value for money. There are various manufacturers offering Lotion Filler in the market, each one manufacturing different types and range of lotions and soaps.