Market of Self-Adhesive Labeling Machines in Yemen

The global market of self-adhesive labeling machines is growing owing to the rising demand for fast and accurate labeling solutions. Moreover, the increasing e-commerce industry in the world also contributes to market growth.

In addition, strict government food safety rules in emerging nations are also boosting the market. Hence, the market is expected to witness significant growth in the coming years.

Food & Beverage

Labels are a vital part of the packaging process that help to identify the product and also convey the important information about it. They are also used to specify the quality, source, manufacturing company, weight, and expiration date of the food products.

The self-adhesive labels are gaining prominence in the food industry as they are capable of conveying all necessary information about the food and beverage items. They are widely used to label fresh fruits, vegetables, poultry, fish, and ready meals.

The global self-adhesive labels market is expected to witness rapid growth during the forecast period. The market is primarily driven by the rise in demand for food and beverages, e-commerce, consumer durables, pharmaceuticals and others.

Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare is one of the most lucrative markets for Self-Adhesive Labeling Machines. These products are used for labeling diverse product types, including food and beverages, cosmetics & personal care, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and others.

The market is expected to expand significantly in the near future due to a number of factors, such as strict government food safety rules, growing demand for packaged food products, and increasing consumer awareness about healthy dietary habits. The pharmaceuticals industry is also anticipated to witness high growth rates over the forecast period.

Pharmacy practice in Yemen is still dominated by community pharmacies and drug stores, which are focused on dispensing medicines. However, pharmacists and technicians are not well-trained for the new role of providing public health services, pharmaceutical care services, and clinical pharmacy services.

Cosmetics & Personal Care

Labeling is a vital component of the supply chain, as it allows manufacturers to ensure that products reach end consumers in the right state of condition. It also helps to prevent the spread of disease and protect the environment.

SHREE BHAGWATI’s line of labeling machines features some innovative solutions to help you meet your business goals. They are designed to offer the best possible safety, reliability and performance.

Using an automated labeling machine can make your production process run smoother and faster, and it can save you money in the long run. For instance, the most efficient labeling systems typically feature time-saving technologies that shorten set-up times and conversion operations, simplify handling for the operating personnel and virtually eliminate operating errors. SHREE BHAGWATI’s state-of-the-art labeling machines also feature the latest in industrial communication technology, such as intelligent sensors and a modular design that allows you to add more components as your needs evolve.


The market for Automotive Self-Adhesive Labeling Machines in Yemen is expected to grow at a moderate rate during the forecast period. This is mainly due to increasing demand for packaging solutions in the region, increased urbanization and improved economic conditions.

In addition, rising demand for automatic labeling equipment is also driving the market. These machines have the capacity to handle high production volumes and maintain consistent, high pasting accuracy regardless of the material and speed of labeling.


The market for Electronics Self-Adhesive Labeling Machines in Yemen is anticipated to witness a significant growth over the forecast period. This is attributed to the rising demand for fast, accurate and simple labeling solutions and the increasing demand for security labels to prevent theft and fraud.

The self-adhesive labeling machines are used to print, distribute and adhere labels and barcodes to packaging containers made of various materials. These labels contain information such as alphanumeric text, barcodes, serialization, 2D codes, QR codes, addressing, personalization and images.

The self-adhesive labeling machine market is primarily driven by the rise in pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. This is owing to the stringent requirements of medical drugs such as compliance to COVID-19 testing standards and increase in e-commerce business due to lockdown.