Milk Powder Filling Machine – Important Safety Features

If you operate a dairy or food processing plant, a milk powder filling machine would be a perfect buy. In fact, this machine is an excellent means to improve production and streamline your manufacturing process without any major difficulty. Milk powder filling machine functions to canning and filling milk powder in tins easily and at economical costs. This would ultimately help you in achieving increased production and better profits.

Automatic Double Head Auger Powder Filling Machine

Milk powder fills in tins are a well-known commodity, which is mainly sold for its curative action on teeth and mouth sores. However, before this, it should first be allowed to undergo the curative process, as per the standard procedure. Milk powder filler augers are the instruments, which are used for the purpose of canning and filling of tins properly. These augers are made of a heavy duty steel that is long lasting. The thickness of the steel used in this auger is critical; hence it is advisable to opt for metal auger with thicker thickness.

An additional advantage of using milk powder filling machine in your plant is that it reduces your operating cost. This is possible through the use of this milk powder filler. As the machine does not require manual labor to work, you would also be able to save on wages and other operating charges. Moreover, it can also be used for grinding corn, wheat, cereals and so on.

However, before installing a milk powder filling machine at your processing plant, you should ensure the following points: Check the capacity of the machine. There should be no problem in loading the powder, if the capacity is adequate. Make sure the feed tube fits into the machine perfectly. Check the speed of the machine, that it runs according to the specifications. If there is any problem, then you should consult the user manual and try to repair the same.

Automatic Auger Powder Filling Machine

A high precision servo controlled auger is needed for operating the Milk Powder Filling Machine. These augers are available in different sizes and speeds depending upon the type of machine you have installed. The size of the auger needed depends upon the volume of the liquid to be filled. For example, if the volume is less than a pint then the speed of the machine should be smaller than sixteen thousand rpm and the volume should be between one and twenty pint.

High precision servo motor is another important aspect of the Milk Powder Filling Machine. The motor ensures that the process of feeding the powder into the can is smooth at all times. Since the entire process is controlled by this motor, there is no chance of the liquid spilling. You should always opt for the branded Milk Powder Filling Machines if you want top quality performance from your machine.