Mixing Vessel with Multi-Shaft Agitators

A Close look at Multi-shaft Agitator Mixer

The mixing vessel with multi-shaft agitators is widely used in high shear applications with high viscosities and where a single shaft mixer finds it difficult to overcome any fluid adhesion or where the possibility of the occurrence of dead spots is more common in the vessel. The multi-shaft mixer comes of paramount importance where the mixing challenge involves a combination of impeller types to ensure a fast and complete mix.

Mixing Vessel with Multi Shaft Agitators

Working of the Mixing Vessel with Multi shaft agitators

This Multi shaft mixer is defined as a mixer with two or three agitators mounted on shafts that are stationary within the vessels. The shafts in this vessel turn on their axes and do not orbit the vessel. This restriction of orbital movement helps in making this vessel extremely cost-effective and efficient in dealing with high viscosity products. The Multi shaft mixing vessel manufacturers help in bringing machinery by combining multiple mixing steps and processing it into an integrated one-step mix process. They offer supreme facilities like modifying the replacing the machinery at the disposal of the clients if not up to their specifications.

Multi shaft mixing vessel manufacturers
Mixing vessel with multi-shaft agitators

Applications of the Multi-Shaft Mixers

These kinds of mixers are highly versatile and cost-effective. They are extensively used in the paints and the ink industry as they aid in the mixing duties of solid dispersions into high viscous fluids. The mixing vessel is also supplied with a rigid or flexible scraper and arm dispeller for an ultimate mixing performance. The anchor impeller works very closely to the tank wall and helps in feeding the product to the homogenized mixer location. Also, the scraper elements assist in heat transfer to help move viscous or sticky material from the tank walls. Manufacturers also supply a variety of supreme efficiency agitators to industries like the chemicals, Pharma and Biotech, Paper and Pulp, Food and Beverages as well as the metals and mineral industries. These mixers perform an independent operation that allows for speed variations as the application need gets changed or evolved. The mixing systems are useful and indispensable in the following set of operations-

  • Blending or Heat Transfer
  • Suspension
  • High viscosity blending
  • Gas dispersion
Multi shaft Agitator Mixer
Multi shaft mixing vessel Manufacturers

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Multi shaft Agitator Mixer
Working of the Mixing Vessel with Multi shaft agitators
Mixing vessel with multi shaft agitator


A flexible control system and mixer vessel can accommodate a faster changing variety of products and are extremely beneficial for manufacturers that aim for greater flexibility on the plant floor. A few advantages are listed below-

  • The High torque and independently driven agitators ensure high-speed fine dispersion and uniformity in heating and cooling
  • Over the typical single shaft devices, they can offer a closed system which is beneficial in vacuum mixing.
  • They are versatile and cost-effective and can be very useful in high viscosity and heat transfer mixing applications.
  • The multi-shaft mixers offer protection against contamination because no agitator seals are submerged in the product zone.  It also helps in easier cleaning and maintenance.
  • The blending time is reduced and with the compact system, the performance gets better with very little maintenance.
Mixing vessel with multi shaft agitators
Mixing vessel with multi shaft agitators is widely used in high shear applications

Take Away– The Mixing vessel with multi-shaft agitators are heavy-duty mixing machines that have become crucial as industries become more global and competitive. The multi-shaft mixers and agitators have become more sophisticated than their predecessors and have been more capable and efficient. Process lines now mean producing more products in faster mix cycles with higher quality. An improved dispersion definitely leads to a significant improvement in the end quality of the product.