Multifarious Applications of Labeling Machines

The trend of labeled products has been on a rise ever since its inception. It has expanded its wings to different industries, like food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, etc. As a result, demand for labeling machines has also increased as the companies look for effective means to label their products. With time, the machine has undergone significant technical changes that have tweaked their performance. Additionally, these labelling machines are also able to incorporate differently shaped and sized containers thus becoming a versatile machine in the process.

Labeling machine has been installed in the industries for a wide range of applications for round containers, square containers, one side labeling, double sided labeling, labeling on top of the containers.

Different Applications of Labeling Machine

Labeling for Bottles of Various Shapes: The industries oversee a large number of bottles for different applications, which are different in shape. Labeling machine for flat bottle is one of the most common machines that one finds in the industries due to their higher preference for packaging the products. The machine operation includes loading of the flat containers on the machine from where they are transferred to the filling station with the help of the conveyor. Label rolls are located at the station which places the label on the containers with the help of a dispensing unit of the single side labeling for flat bottle. Machines like wrap around labeling machine, online labeling for round bottles are used specifically for round shaped containers and completely covers them with the sticker in the process of labeling them. Square bottle and square bottle wrap around labeling machine, as the name suggests, find extensive application for cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries as the square shaped bottles are largely used there.

Manual and Automatic Labeling Applications:

Every industry has their own requirement of labeling operation based on the fact that they are a small scale or a large scale unit. Small scale industries might require manual labeler machines as they would probably want to cut down the machinery installation cost. Even for low production requirements in large industries, manual label applicator offers a cost-cutting option for labeling the products.

Automatic sticker labeling machine, on the other hand, have a very high production rate and requires less assistance as compared to the manual labeling machine. The production rate is very high and thus, machines like Single side vertical labelling machine find lot of application in the industries which have a requirement of producing a large number of products in a given time.

Labeling Machine for Miscellaneous Applications:

There are also some other labeling machines which are product specific and are quite efficient in their operation. Paper sheet labeling machine, for instance, is one such machine that are used in labeling products that are packaged in a paper. Label applicator machine for jars and box labeling machine are used specifically for packaging products placed in the jars or boxes that usually have the competence for long hour operations. Another machine that is specific purpose machine is the label applicator machine for pouches that are used for labelling pouches. It finds high utilization as not all the machines have the ability to accommodate pouches for labeling. Double sided bottle labeling machine or front and back bottle labeling machine are used for labeling the containers that require label stickers on both the sides of the container, i.e front and back.

The Bottom Line: With state of the art manufacturing facilities available, Bhagwati Pharma manufactures and supplies a wide array of packaging machines. The labeling machines produced guarantees of high efficiency and long durability. Different types of labeling machines are supplied by Bhagwati Pharma that finds usage for different tasks in diverse set of industries.