Oral Liquid Syrup Manufacturing Plant and Equipment Features and Working

There are various factors that are involved in making an oral liquid syrup manufacturing plant and equipment. For instance, you have to choose a suitable type of vessel for melting the sugar. You can also choose a Propeller agitator or a working platform for the syrup manufacturing process.

What is the Use of Sugar Melting Vessel in Liquid Syrup Manufacturing Plant?

A syrup manufacturing plant consists of a sugar melting vessel, a manufacturing vessel, a storage vessel and a filter press. All of these components are made of FDA approved materials. They are designed to make efficient use of the available space. This allows them to operate with minimal manpower.

The main purpose of the sugar melting vessel is to produce liquid syrup. Most liquid syrups are prepared using hot mix technology. For this purpose, the agitator can be a magnetically driven high speed disperser, a top or bottom driven agitator, or even a motorized, self-pressure Teflon scrapper.

One of the most impressive features of an oral liquid manufacturing plant is its ability to maintain the desired temperature. A vacuum system is included to achieve this. It also comes with a filter press, a volumetric liquid filling machine, and control panels. These systems are suitable for different industries including pharmaceutical and food and beverage.

An effective process control system is the heart of an effective syrup manufacturing plant. These systems are equipped with advanced PLC support, which allows automated process control. Additionally, the vessel itself is manufactured to withstand internal vacuums. Stainless steel and other FDA-approved materials are used in construction.

Mixing Tank with Bottom Entry Homogenizer
Tank with INLINE Homonizer

What are the Features of Oral Liquid Syrup Manufacturing Plant?

An Oral Liquid Manufacturing Plant, also known as an oral syrup manufacturing plant, is an automated machine that is designed to make liquid oral formulations. It is equipped with a variety of modules. The main objective of the plant is to prepare the required quantity of syrup at a specified temperature. It is manufactured in compliance with the GMP guidelines.

To name a few, the plant’s primary components include an online sugar syrup pre-filter, a storage vessel, and product piping. Additionally, it is able to maintain the desired temperature.

Another aspect of the system is the inline homogenizer tank. This is a great machine to use for the production of various types of liquids. The vessel can be heated using hot water circulation or a steam heating system.

A microprocessor is used to control the various functions of the vessel. All the pipes are fitted with silicon gaskets and are internally electropolished.

Moreover, the Oral Liquid Manufacturing Plant has an inbuilt vacuum. This is a feature that enables you to save power and labour while maintaining the correct temperature.

Liquid Syrup Plant

Propeller Agitator in Liquid Manufacturing Plant

Propeller agitators are used for mixing a wide range of viscous liquids. Various types of impellers are available for achieving tangential, axial, and radial flows. Depending on the type of material being homogenized, the type of agitator used will determine the efficiency of the mixing process.

The most common type of agitator is the top entry agitator. It is typically installed overhead of the tank’s liquid level. These are ideal for large volumes, wide tanks, and small aspect ratios.

Propeller agitators are used in many industries. They have two flat paddle-shaped impeller blades. These are typically used for low-viscosity liquid mixing, crystallization, dissolution, and suspensions.

A bottom propeller agitator reduces the overall tank height and has fewer maintenance issues. Bottom agitators also ensure the same level of mixing and homogeneity of the existing mixture. This reduces the likelihood of errors in manhandling the fluid.

In addition to agitators, there are other devices used to promote mixing. The main components of an agitator include the impeller, motor, and the shaft. Generally, these components are “pure” materials.

Oral Liquid Plant
Oral Liquid Syrup Manufacturing Plant

Working Platform of Oral Liquid Manufacturing Plant

An oral liquid manufacturing plant comprises a manufacturing vessel, a storage vessel, and a sugar syrup vessel. Depending on the requirements of the product, the vessels can be designed with different piping systems. For example, the storage vessel can be provided with a propeller type stirrer.

Each vessel is equipped with a sanitary manhole. A complete set of accessories including a thermometer and a mirror is also supplied. All the contact parts of the vessel are crafted using FDA-approved materials.

All the interconnecting piping of the vessel is made of SS. All the valves are DIN standard unions. Besides, all the fittings are internally electropolished.

The manufacturing vessel is a jacketed cylindrical vessel. It is also equipped with a bottom entry stirrer with mechanical seals.

Oral Manufacturing Vessel and Stoarage Tank

The Bottom Line

The liquid oral manufacturing plant is designed to suit the pharmaceutical industry. It offers a complete system that is ideal for producing syrups. With its efficient design, it saves labour and power. Moreover, its internal vacuum system ensures that the desired temperature is maintained.