Overview and Features of Planetary Mixer

A planetary mixer is a tool that is used by the number of industries which is usually used for mixing several items or ingredients such as adhesive, paste, granulation and many more products ranging from medium to high viscosity to form a proper mixture that is smooth, lumps free, paste-like texture in consistency.

Working of the Planetary mixer

A planetary mixer can have different number, shape or size of blade which is mounted on its unique axis which are hanging above the mixing bowl. They are selected and can be designed as per the requirements. The appearance of planetary mixer blades is similar to the blades of the fan. The blades present in the planetary mixer rotate on their axis while the ingredient use travels around the center of mixing bowl. It ensures the mixing of ingredients to be blended in a fast and effective manner.

Generally, the planetary mixers are available in different size and on the basis of their size, the quantity of the substances to be blended is decided. They can be used for blending a very large batch size to a small batch size depending on the purpose of their use. They are basically not used for blending liquid substance instead of that they are actually used for blending a mixture of difficult and thick ingredients. Planetary Mixture generally is composed of –

  • A Bowl where actual placing of ingredient takes place.
  • Mixing element which can be hooked, flat beater or any system.
  • Motor used for starting the process of whisking of the element.
  • Operator Box that allows the operator to control the mixing process, timing, speed etc.,

Planetary Mixer

Application of Planetary mixer

It is mostly used by different numbers and types of industries they are as follow

  • General Chemical Industries
  • Adhesive and Sealant
  • Caulking, Putty and Wax Compound
  • Dental Fillers
  • Gel Products
  • Powder Coating
  • Battery Pastes
  • Food products
  • Bakeries
  • Cosmetics products creams, lotion etc.,
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotech industries
  • Emulsions
  • Explosive
  • Agricultural pesticide products
  • High-Viscosity product
  • Colours
  • Resins

Feature of Planetary Mixer
  • High Mixing Efficiency: They are providing high mixing efficiency since the speed of the mixing blade can be easily controlled by the controller.
  • Low Maintenance: They are very easy to clean, handle and maintain since the blades are mounted on an axis and are mounted above the bowl. Not require any complex maintenance.
  • Homogeneous Mixing: The mixture formed is homogeneous and are formed of uniform consistency. And it also ensures complete and effective mixing of the ingredient.
Advantages of Planetary Mixer
  • Better manufacturing of a product can takes places.
  • The operating process is also very handy and can be changed according to the situation.
  • Lower the physical effort.
  • Reduction in labor cost.
  • Better Food safety and hygiene can also be maintained.
  • Easy and low maintenance cost.
  • Durable
  • Robust
Planetary mixtures are available of various sizes, differing in the gross capacity and its working capacity, different rigid standards with many other featuring options available are available in the markets.