Growing Demand of Packaging Machines for Food, Cosmetic, Pharma Industries in Thailand

The food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries in Thailand are experiencing a huge rise due to the continuously increasing demand. Hence, the industries must be well equipped with the machines in order to provide an adequate supply. The cosmetics market has a high value and is likely to grow even more in the near future. It is also an opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to take advantage of this situation and make the most out of it.

Four Head viscous filling machine

Bhagwati Pharma offers high-grade machinery for these industries in Thailand in order to meet the customer requirements. Some of the machines that we supply and are in demand are Self adhesive labelling machine, Shrink sleeve applicator, Mixer & Manufacturing plant, Filling & Capping machine, etc. These machines are capable of producing high output rates with the potential to be used for a prolonged period.

Cosmetic and Personal Care Contract Manufacturing Plant
Liquid Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer Plant
Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing Plant Hand Sanitizer Making Machine

Food & Cosmetic Market Scenario in Thailand

Thailand has a huge sea food market. It is also one of the major seafood exporters of the world and this plays an important role in the country’s economy. Apart from seafood, Thailand also observes a huge demand of rice, tapioca, processed, fresh, frozen and canned food and sugar. Currently, it is one of the world’s top ten producers and exporters of processed food products. Such heavy demand requires quality machines as well for packaging, labeling, etc.

Four Head Liquid Filling with Rubber Stoppering Machine for Vials

The cosmetic industries in Thailand are undergoing rapid evolution, thus attracting a wide array of local and foreign customers. Several multi-label beauty stores are opening in the country in order to expand the brand portfolio.

Bhagwati Pharma supplies packaging machines like liquid filling machine, sticker labelling machine, self adhesive labeling machine, shrink sleeve applicator, etc. The self adhesive labelling machine, also known as เครื่องติดฉลากกาวตนเอง in Thai language, is used to put labels around the container, either fully or partially. Bottle Label or ฉลากขวด in Thai, play an utmost important role for any product packaging as it displays important information regarding the company and contents of the product. Shrink sleeve applicator is another packaging machine that is preferred for accurate label casting. It is generally used for the beverage manufacturers and reduces the overall production cost to improve the output rate.

Agricultural & Pharmaceutical Market Scenario in Thailand

The agricultural scenario is blossoming in Thailand every year. Thailand has been one of the leading countries in the world for exporting rice. In order to increase productivity, several chemicals are required like- pesticides, insecticides, etc. As a result, the demand for these chemicals has also augmented significantly. We, at Bhagwati Pharma, offer several machines like viscous liquid filling machine (เครื่องบรรจุของเหลวข้นหนืด in Thai), capping machine, etc. for the industries looking to manufacture and provide these agrochemicals. Bottle Filling Machine and Capping Machine, which is also referred to as เครื่องบรรจุขวดและเครื่อง Capping in Thailand, is also an important equipment used for filling the bottles with their respective content and then seal it in order to protect it from getting contaminated.

Shrink sleeve labelling line

The pharmaceutical market has been continuously increasing due to significant advancements in the medical field. To fulfill the requirement of medicines for the treatment of diseased patients, pharmaceutical companies must be laced with the machines to have the requisite production. Bhagwati Pharma supplies machines like, tablet counting machine, auger powder filling machine, screw capping machine, liquid filling machine, etc. that takes care of entire production. These machines have excellent workability that ensures high yields.

FMCG Market Scenario in Thailand

FMCG, also known as Fast Moving Consumer Goods, are the products that are sold quickly and at relatively lower prices. These include basic essential goods such as packaged foods, beverages, toiletries, etc. The FMCG has experienced the highest growth in recent years and hence every company works diligently to cater to the customer’s demands. Bhagwati Pharma has a wide array of packaging machinery, like sticker labelling machine, front and back labeling machine, screw capping machine, etc. that provides assurance of high output rate. The machines take care of entire operation ranging from filling, packaging to storing.

The Bottom Line: There is a huge potential for Food, Cosmetic, Pharma Industries in the Thailand market as per the recent trends. The companies, therefore, must be well prepared to meet these demands in order to have a stronger hold in the market. Bhagwati Pharma, with its state of the art manufacturing facilities, offers quality machines that can help Thailand based companies achieve a high production rate. We provide Bottling line for food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, FMCG (สายการบรรจุขวดสำหรับอาหาร, เครื่องสำอางค์, ยา, FMCG in Thai language) that help them with their production.