Petroleum Jelly Filling Machine, Juice/Jam/Ketchup Filling Machines

Petroleum Jelly Filling Machine

The petroleum jelly filling machine is a highly efficient piece of equipment that helps in enhancing production in the cosmetic industry. This machine can fill a variety of products, including wax-based products and ampoules. It meets international standards and offers superlative productivity and safety features. It can be used to fill different types of products, including petroleum jelly, and is suitable for both large and small businesses. The new vertical design of this machine ensures easy operation, ease of maintenance, and a streamlined design. The machine is made of food-grade stainless steel and is built with a reliable drive. It uses a compressed air drive for quick and easy operation.

4 head Petroleum Jelly Filling Machine with cooling tunnel

A pneumatic piston filler has a fixed product cylinder and is suitable for filling various petroleum-based products. Its fixed product cylinder offers better life compared to oscillating cylinders and prevents leakage. Pneumatic cylinder controls adjust the speed of withdrawal and stopping. They are equipped with a precision pressure gauge. These machines also feature an adjustable production counter, which allows you to accurately measure the quantity of petroleum jelly being filled.

Depending on the size of your product, you can choose a model that can fill it hot. There are different nozzles available to suit different viscosities. Some machines even have multiple nozzles, which is ideal for filling a variety of products. The control panel is controlled by a PLC or touch screen, and its precision and stability are unsurpassed. Besides, it is very quiet, thanks to the use of stainless steel. Stainless steel and plastic parts are used in the machine body and necessary components.

Petroleum Jelly Filling Machine

Aloe Vera Juice Filling Machine

If you are interested in putting your own juice from aloe vera in plastic bottles, you can purchase an Aloe Vera Juice Filling machine from the market. This machine is designed for filling hot liquids such as aloe vera juice and basel seed juice. The final filling temperature is approximately 85-90 degrees centigrade. After filling, you can return the filled juice to the sterilizing machine.

The Benefits of a Jam Filling Machine

If you’re interested in purchasing a jam filling machine, you’ll want to look for a machine that will meet your specific needs. These machines can dose a variety of different types of jams into single portions. Bhagwati Pharma machines are ideal for jam packaging, as they load the film onto a machine and heat it to the desired temperature. The film is then molded into a specific shape, and the product is then dosed into the blisters. Blisters are then cut from the film and sealed.

The Bhagwati Pharma jam and sauce filling machine is controlled with a PLC, electronic optical fiber sensor, and computer touch screen. It can accurately record outputs from one day to a month. The Bhagwati Pharma jam and sauce filling machine can handle both low and high viscosity liquids. The filling pistons can move up and down vertically, reducing machine load and energy consumption. The servo system design enables filling layers on the bottleneck or on the surface. The servo system is built to be easy to clean, and is fully compliant with the GMP standards for the national pharmaceutical industry.

The Jam Filling Machine is used in food, personal care, and specialty chemical industries. Its easy-to-use features make it suitable for a variety of filling products, from liquids to thick pastes. The machine’s rotor pump filler is suitable for a variety of product types, including cosmetic creams to heavy sauces. Unlike the manual filler, this machine is highly reliable and can be adjusted for volume and consistency with ease.

Ketchup Filling Machine

A Ketchup Filling Machine is used for packaging various liquid products like ketchup, olive oil, and milk. It uses a servo motor to ensure accuracy in filling. Bhagwati Pharma makes its filling machines using advanced pneumatic and electronic components, as well as world-renowned sensors and seals. The parts that come into contact with the product are made of 316 stainless steel, and the machine is ready for use after installation.

Ketchup filling machines can come in a variety of sizes and can also be customized to meet your company’s bottle-filling needs. The rotary lobe pump filling machine features a servo motor to control the flow of liquid. Most of these filling machines also have a CIP system, which makes it suitable for food processing. In addition to filling machines, ketchup bottle capping and labeling machines are available with an extensive range of features and benefits. Choose one that is right for your needs by considering the bottle size and cap shape.

8 head Petroleum Jelly Filling Machine

Tomato sauce ketchup filling machines feature a reasonable structure, a compact design, and high filling speed and accuracy. The machines are made of 316L stainless steel. The machine also features a piston-platform operation. This combination of precision and speed makes it the perfect choice for any sauce or tomato product manufacturing business.