Pharmaceutical Equipment for Indonesian Manufacturing Industry

Indonesia can be ranked as the world’s fourth most populous country and the economy is rapidly growing and developing. With the high population levels and an advancing economy, an important market for pharmaceuticals is also rapidly expanding. There is a major drive by the government to increase funding to the medical sector to effectively cover for the health needs of the population.

The pharmaceutical industry has a long way to go to achieve the required quality, efficiency and innovation.  Manufacturing of important prescriptions is also lagging behind and global manufacturers are eyeing this country to tap into the huge potential. These include equipment makers as well as drugs formulators who have advanced production techniques and state of the art equipment that are needed to adequately support the growing Indonesian market.

Liquid filling machines

An Emerging Market

The Indonesian pharmaceutical association gives a forecast of a nationwide increase in sales by over 14 % per annum. It is also important to note that the market has been growing by over 12.5% per annum for the last 10 years.

Hight Shear Mixer

Growth Drivers for the Indonesian Pharmaceutical Market

The government has played a major role in the advancement of the drugs market, which has directly influenced the uptake of the pharmaceutical machines. The introduction of 15 key economic policy strategies will have great impact on the medicines manufacturing and marketing. These packages have been designed to attract foreign investment into the country and advance the implementation of the universal health coverage program

Market Growth Projections

With the problem of degenerative diseases still being a problem in the country, there is need for more investment in the processing and manufacturing of capping machines. There is also need for more confidence to be instilled in the population on the status of the domestic health system. Importation of manufacturing equipments will be of great importance to boosting local pharmaceutical production and packing including processing of generic formulations.

Local Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

The local pharmaceutical factories in Indonesia can be described as formulation factories as the basic active ingredients are usually imported. Despite of the country’s high population, licensed manufacturing companies are very limited in number. These companies manufacture mainly 4 types of formulations which are tablets, syrups, creams and caplets.

Machines from Bhagwati Pharma Company

Bhagwati pharma is one of the companies at the forefront in developing innovative equipments and technologies. The equipments used in manufacturing of these formulations include a bottle washing machines, liquid filling machines, capping machines, labeling machines, tablet machines, blister packing machines, tube filling machines, and tablet press machines. Other supporting equipments for the pharma industry include labeling machines, carton erecting machines, shrink sleeve applicators and many more. The equipments are designed with the end user in mind to deliver high efficiency and effectiveness in manufacturing. Inspection machines are also important support equipment such as bottle inspection equipments, u shaped conveyor belts, check weighing machines, leak check machines and IV bottle packing lines. A whole range of capping and sealing machines has also been developed by the company and therefore greatly support the Indonesian medicine manufacturing industry.