Pharmaceutical Equipments That Brought Changes in the Manufacturing Landscape

There has been rapid and significant change in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in the recent past. With this era of technological development and innovation, drugs manufacturers have demanded the need for more than ordinary processing and packaging equipments. There has been a need for equipment vendors to offer complete solutions for their manufacturing needs in terms of cost effectiveness, multiple functionality, ease of maintenance, precision and enhanced production capacity to meet the necessary production volumes. Some of the pharmaceutical equipments that have achieved this standard of performance include;

Check Weigher Machine

There has been adequate innovation in the development of weighing systems which is a critical requirement in drugs manufacturing. The choice of check weigher machine is determined by the usage requirements such as the product type, packaging type, ergonomic considerations and even the positioning in the production line.

The manual check weigher machine is designed with various features such as;

  • To achieve fast and precise check weighing
  • To allow data collection and integration in the packing system
  • Developed in various models depending on the user needs

Automatic Check Weigher

This is also an advancement in weighing solutions that has been developed for products in motion. The automatic check weigher is able to conduct 100 % weight check of products at relatively fast pace. The equipment is also able to perform sample testing for net and even tare weights with complete accuracy.

Bottle Unscrambler

This is an important machine in the medical drugs manufacturing industry. Bottle unscrambler machine receives empty bottle in bulk formation to orient and position them onto conveyor for further packing and filling operations. Various technological designs have been developed for this process including belt type unscramblers, rotary pocket designs and cyclone technology. The choice of technology is influenced by the bottle types, product types, output and cost considerations.

Tube Filling Machine

This is also an important machine in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Some design innovations in the tube filling machines include;

  • Ability to process a wide range of tube sizes and shapes
  • Inclusion of automatic cap tightening system
  • Tube sensing system where no dispensing occurs when there is no tube
  • Automatic in feeding and adjustable filling volume
  • Easy cleaning system and easy to operate,
  • The pump removal process is also easy for maintenance practices to be conducted
pharmaceutical equipments

Planetary Mixer

This equipment is used for mixing inks, ointments, paste and fluids during drugs manufacturing. The planetary mixer also has applications in the food and chemical industries. In process, mixing blades move in opposing directions to cover the entire surface area and circumference of the vessel. Complete mixing is achieved in a very short time. Emulsifiers are also introduced using special mechanisms for more thorough mixing to be achieved.

Fluid Bed Processor

This is an innovative equipment used in granulating, agglomeration, drying and even coating processes in pharmaceutical products manufacturing. The fluid bed processor is designed to achieve rapid and easy layers formation on particles to achieve efficient and rapid manufacturing. Current models have incorporated tumbling, agitation and centrifugal mechanisms for enhanced operational efficiency.

This article has been written by Arjun Rao, the proprietor of Shree Bhagwati Machtech (India) Pvt Ltd.