Pharmaceutical Machineries and their New Perspectives in the World

Pharmaceutical market is a highly competitive sector of the industry and also one of the fastest growing. Similarly, this section is thriving owing to the factor like different pharmacological machineries and devices that are growing due to engineering excellence, efficient leadership and professional approach with cutting edge technology.

Now it is providing with an array of advanced tools and machineries that help the medical business to meet a range of solutions from production to packaging. Moreover, the equipment that is available in this arena is apt for manufacturing and processing different types of pharmaceutical products like Ointments, Tablets, Capsules, Liquids and Cosmetics.

The cartons and packaging solutions are also growing rapidly improving the economic fundamentals and paving way for new technologies and devices to come up in medicinal industry.

Vacuum tray dryer

Pharmaceutical Tools Terminologies Explained

As there are a large array of tools and devices available to provide with proper manufacturing, processing and production solutions, here are some machines that have crucial role to play in this industry.

    • Fluidized Bed Drying– Processing medicinal material into standardized and uniform substance is an important step. Here, Fluidized Bed Drying provides compactness along with conception principle of Air Fluidization for drying the granules. It helps to give even drying solutions with minimal manual labor.
    • Tray Dryer– Drying is a unit operation in medicine business. And this process is mainly used when heating takes place through steam, thermal oil and hot water. The vacuum tray dryers are usually pre heated to ensure proper heating. Once, the trays had reached equal temperature; a vacuum is applied to initiate the drying process.
    • Powder Filling- These are mainly used for injectable, sterile and powder filling machine and include dry syrup. The dosage plate and powder shield plate ensures that the flow of powder is precise powder spilling is eliminated.

    • Liquid Filling– This suitable for filling any type of substance that is in liquid form with vibration free infrastructure that ensures trouble free operation and performance.

    • Vial Filling– It is quite similar to liquid filling but more critical as putting liquid into vials and bottles requires precision that these machines provide without any manual labor. Thus, it reduces loss of products; ensure volumetric consistency with built-in quality control feature.

    • Sticker Labeling– Tagging falls under the broad category of packaging that is significant from the perspective that sticker labeling helps in maintaining the brand identification, products safety and identification of brand. Through these technologically advanced packaging machines, the drawbacks of traditional packaging have largely overcome by the pharmaceutical industry. Various other subcategories of labeling tools are embedded with speed control systems.
    • Bottle Labeling– One of the widely used sub category of sticker marking machines where te devices make sure that labels stick on plastics and glass bottles of different types of spherical containers.

    • Shrink sleeve LabelingShrink sleeve labelling machine is one tagging technique that is growing rapidly in the production owing to the fact that it has practical advantages. The pre formed shrink films are manufactured to fit the perfect shape and size of the containers without the need for any custom design.

shrink sleeve labelling machine

These are devices and tool of the medicinal industry that is providing with a new perspective to manufacturers for meeting various solutions.

This article has been written by Arjun Rao, the proprietor of Shree Bhagwati Machtech (India) Pvt Ltd./