Pharmaceutical Machinery – Tablet Press Machine, Liquid Filling Machine, Capping Machine

Each and every manufacturing process in industries today is automated with the help of machines. Thanks to developing technology and advancing science. Today the work can be done at much faster rates and higher production rates are being achieved with the use of minimum labor and this is only because of the automatic machines that are coming up in various fields. The case applies to pharmaceutical sector too. Today in all the pharmaceutical manufacturing processes right from manufacture to packing, at each and every step a different form of machine is utilized to speed up the task and achieve the maximum output required. The machines used in this pharmaceutical process are known as pharmaceutical machines. Different kinds of pharmaceutical machines supporting the automation of different kinds of tasks are now available in the market. All these machines can be got in various specifications and configurations as per standard norms as well as in customized formats to suit specific production requirements too. Some of the important pharma machines widely used in pharmaceutical industries include tablet press, liquid filling machines, powder filling machines, capping machines, shrink sleeve applicator machine, and labeling machines.

Tablet Press Machine

One of the most essential pharmaceutical products, tablets are manufactured using tablet press machine. Tablet press machines can be used to produce all types of round tablets, irregular tablets and tablets of engraved on double sides. Tablet press can either be a benchtop, semi-portable version used for smaller production applications or the large batch production machineries like high speed rotary tablet press machines that are used for higher tablet outputs.

Liquid Filling Machine

Liquid filling machines are specialized machineries used to fill various kinds of containers like bottles, vials and ampoules with pre determined quantity of liquids. Liquid filling machines could be got in various specifications like twin head liquid filling machines, four head liquid filling machine, six head, eight head and twelve head liquid filling machines, liquid filling with rubber stoppering machines, liquid filling with capping machine etc. They are could be got in both automatic as well semi-automatic versions in various production capacities to suit various production requirements. Depending on the type of container they are used to fill they are usually termed as liquid bottle filling machine, vial filling machines and ampoule filling machines.

Capping Machine

A capping machine is yet another important category of pharmaceutical machinery that is used to cap the filled bottles or containers to avoid spilling or any other kind of damage to product present inside the containers. Depending on type of caps used for sealing, there are different kinds of capping machines available in the market like screw capping machine, ROPP cap sealing machine, PP capping machine, flip-off capping machine etc. All these can be got various standard as well as customized configurations as per individual production requirements.


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