Pharmaceutical Processing Machines are Giving New Edge to Medicine Business

Technological influences and changes in the world of machines are also making an impact on the medicine industries. As a consumer if you understand how many cosmetics and pharmaceutical products that you use every day, will give you an idea of increasing importance of pharmaceutical packaging and processing machinery as well. Thus, it is quite understandable that without the use of different sealant and topping solutions, the medicinal industry would have ceased to exist. Starting from ointments to powders and capsules and liquids, sealants and capping devices are ensuring that quality of a product is preserved for the consumer with optimum results. Moreover, the packing instruments are an ideal way for the consumers to identify amongst thousands of products with necessary facts and ingredients. Machines are an integral part of this industry and technology have advanced to such an extent that even for vial filling, devices are available that will ensure that it is ready for filling.

bottle ropp capping machine

Critical Machines under Consideration Below are some important instruments that are used in pharmaceutical processes making the production a hassle free one.  
    • ROPP Capping– This is one covering and sealing system that is designed in such a way that it is possible to install it in existing conveyor line. This is combined with latest technology that automatically allows different variety of caps to place and torque. Ropp capping machine is also beneficial to lower the cost of production and increases the range of adjustability.
    • Cap Sealing– Cap sealing ensures that the consumer gets a tamper evident seal, and the latest technologies are also preserving the integrity of product without any chances of leakage heightening the shelf life of products.
    • Screw Capping– For ROPP covering solutions and applicable to any sizes of bottles, screw capping ensures that the product is free from any microbial manifestation. Safety considerations are applied to designing these tools.
    • Strip Packing– As suggested by the name, this machine is used for packing pills, capsules and tablets in form of strips. Industrial standards are applicable in for the devices with different speed for output. Strip packing machine also comes with cutter assemblies that will cut and deliver various strip wrappings.
    • Vial Washing– Washing procedures ensure that the vials and ampoules are safe from filling obeying the market standard compliance. Vial washing machine is designed with a stationary nozzle from where water jet sprays out to cleaning internal and external surfaces of the vials and ampoules.
    • Tablet Coating Machine– This instrument is used as a part of the production process where a thin layer of coating material is applied on the capsules, pills or tablets for protecting the physical and chemical properties of the drugs. Tablet coating machine also helps in masking the color and odor of the medicine.
    • Tablet Press– Replacing the traditional methods where capsules and tablets are placed on conveyor straps, tablet press machine is implemented to condense powder to capsules of uniform weight and size. This machine has also eliminated manual labors where there were high chances of materials getting affected by germs.

tablet press machine

Thus, understanding these instruments and their functions is imperative for the manufacturers and producers of medicine industry to optimize its operational functions. This article has been written by Arjun Rao, the proprietor of Shree Bhagwati Machtech (India) Pvt Ltd./