Pharmaceutical Turnkey Project Consultancy at Bhagwati Pharma

The pharmaceutical companies have undergone tremendous development in the past few years. These developments were essential in order to cater to the growing demand for medicines required during treatment. With the number of patients augmenting day by day, it is very important that the pharmaceutical companies are armored well to combat this situation. They must be well equipped with the medical facilities to oversee any medical emergencies. The pharmaceutical companies must rise to the challenge of providing quality medicines that follow international standards, such as- WHO – GMP, USFDA, MHRA, TGA, and cGMP. These medicines are used to treat acute diseases and hence care must be taken while developing the drugs.

Role of a Turnkey Project Consultant

The turnkey project consultant aids the pharmaceutical companies, all the way from the planning stage until the start of the production unit. The consultants help the pharmaceutical manufacturers to be more effective in their entire production so that they can be more competitive and attain more success in the market. In addition to that, the turnkey project also offers a cost-effective solution to set up the pharmaceutical unit by modifying the existing unit. The scope spans from project planning and production to advisory services. The company, offering the turnkey project consultancy with their expertise and experience, helps the pharmaceutical companies penetrate the domestic as well as international market by developing products that are at the higher end of technology.

Pharmaceutical Turnkey Project Manufacturer

Turnkey Project Services at Bhagwati Pharma

With the continued increasing behest for medicines in the market, a lot of pharmaceutical companies are striving hard to meet this demand. Bhagwati Pharma offers pharmaceutical project consultancy for turnkey projects in line with international standards. This helps with the flexibility of the production line making the entire process cost-effective without compromising on the regulatory standards. Our services include:

· Manufacturing of Sterile Products: For the sterile products, we provide a number of equipment, like- ampoule lines, vial lines, etc. This ensures an effective manufacturing process. The laboratory is also offered for research and design of new products and enhancements required in existing products.

· Non- Sterile Products Production: It includes the development of equipment for the production of tablets, capsules, liquid oral syrups, ointments, and creams. These products are used extensively in the pharmaceutical industries as they are considered as the preferred means to provide medication.

· Specialized Formulations: Bhagwati Pharma, with its continued research at advanced manufacturing facilities, helps in developing specialized formulations in order to maximize the yield or output. It ensures that the cycle time is reduced preventing the losses of expensive products.

· Process Integration: A vast range of equipment is offered for the production with a provision of system integration. This aids the customers in selecting specific process modules that match their manufacturing requirement.

· Advisory Services: Bhagwati Pharma also aids with the design phase of the pharmaceutical processes. The services include setting up and implementation of layout designs with detailed engineering. It includes the determination of capacities, developing engineering specifications, HVAC system designs, equipment supply, installation, and commissioning of projects as per the requirement.

With three and a half decades of customers service excellence in providing turnkey project and up-gradation solutions in high impact sectors of industries.

Shree Bhagwati continues to make rapid strides in various parts of the world including Eastern Europe, North America, Latin America, South-east Asia and India. Having commissioned of facilities of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, biotech, food products, healthcare, cosmetics hospitality, chemicals and allied industries.

  • Based on the analysis of products, process and utilities basic conceptual layouts based on international regulatory &other regulatory compliance are prepared, incorporating present and future requirements.
  • Develop Plot Plan & Contour Planning
  • Develop Plant Layout
  • Man and Material Movement Drawings
  • Preliminary Architectural Drawings of the facility
  • HVAC, Zoning with basis of Design
  • Preliminary Specification for Utility
  • Estimating Electrical Power Requirement
  • Project Scheduling & Cost Estimating
  • Future Expansion Possibilities with using existing utilities or ease in adding
  • Environmental & Safety Engineering

The company also boasts of a team of expert auditors who shoulder the responsibility of conducting system audits, nationally as well as internationally. They develop proposals and suggestions in the areas that have a scope of development.