Pick and Place Capping Machine – Advantages and Working Principle

Introduction– The Pick and Place Capping Machine is an automatic measuring or dosing cup placement and pressing machine to provide accurate capping without any rejection. This machine is designed especially for special purpose containers and comprises of an arrangement to pick caps one by one with a custom-designed mechanism to be placed on the bottle heads. This capping line includes an Automatic bottle screw cap sealing machine with multiple heads as per requirement, the linear screw capping machine, and the automatic measuring cup placement and pressing machine.

Automatic Capper Designed for the Pick and Place Machines
Dosing Cup Placement and Pressing Machine Pick and Place Capping Machine

Advantages of the Pick and Place Capping Machine

  • Reliability Consistency and Security- When the capping process is streamlined in a pick and place way, the largest benefit is the repeatable action of the machine. The cap gets tightened in the same manner and since no manual labour is avoided, there is no factor of inconsistent sealing and lost product.
  • Speed and Versatility- The automatic cappers can increase the scale of production easily through the cap delivery system by placing bulk caps into a hopper from time to time. Each cap gets tightened in the same manner. The automatic capper designed for the pick and place machines can handle different sizes and types of caps like flat caps, flip tops and even trigger sprays and just with a simple tool-free adjustment and ease of operation.
  • Integration- Most automatic cappers are designed for quick adaptation to the existing packaging line. When power conveyors are used, the machine can very easily roll up to the existing line with a simple setup and run without downtime.
  • Smooth and Accurate Container handling- The fully interlocked safety cabinet ensures a smooth and accurate container handling procedure which ensures less damage and wastage. It is highly recommended for bulk capping and has a synchronized variable speed control mechanism.
Automatic Capper Designed for the Pick and Place Machines

Working Principle of the Pick and Place Capper Machine

The specially designed gripper type machine with a torque adjustment is suitable for screw or snap and press-fit caps. The magnetic or liner clutch torque head ensures that the correct torque application is applied each time. The torque is adjusted by increasing or decreasing the distance between the magnetic and linear plates inside. The bottles entering the machine are transferred to the turret star wheel where they are placed in the star wheel pockets to align them perfectly under the capping heads.

Pick and Place Capper Machine Specially Designed Gripper Type Machine with a Torque Adjustment
Pick and Place Capping Machine Advantages and Working Principle

Considerations while applying a Pick and Place Capper

Some bottle closures require a narrow and accurate application torque owing to their ingredients and might require a more positive gripping and delivers excellent performance. A decision of employing this machine is dependent on the performance expectation of the packaging line, attributes of the current packaging line, and also the future expectations for the packaging. It is a highly effective and continuous motion designed for easy operation and quick change over if the capping specifications and requirements differ with different packaging lines.

Pick and Place Capping Machine Pick Caps One by One with a Custom Designed Mechanism to be Placed on the Bottle Heads

Take Away– The Capping machines designed by most reputed manufacturers can secure any cap type onto an array of bottle types with convenience. They provide all customizations with the most modern and innovative technology and are used in different industries like food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, distilleries, cosmetics, toiletries, personal care, oil industries, and many more. This sealing machine is a versatile one and one of precision built with a strong and sturdy framework and has a height-adjustable system. Besides the sealing pressure can be varied to suit different gauges and sizes of caps. They provide a noise-free operation and have low power consumption. The new continuous style pick & placing function is driven by hi-end motors and ensures product security and closure consistency, every time.