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Plough Shear Mixer


Shree Bhagwati supplies superior quality Plough shear mixer as Pharma Equipment. It is on its own shaft and requires additional equipments. Some sets of plough shears are install on the main shaft in disruption and incessantly, which avoid the addition dead zone in arrangement. When functioning, material in mixer tank move following the direction of the incessant vortex centrifugal force generated by the incessantly amalgamation plough shears, thus to attain dispersal, disperse and fast mixing of material. Some materials like fiber or some moist agglomerate material, high speed chopper are exceptional material and can be installed within mixer tank. The tank, then scatter and dispense these materials with amalgamation of plough shear mixing agitator. The high speed choppers are located at the barrel side downward angle of 45 degrees of the plough shear mixer, the chopper heads elongate into the barrel. The effective range of choppers, supplied with plough dryer, ensures the thorough mixing of materials and also shears in high haste.

Powerful auxiliary components:
The plough dryer incorporates numerous auxiliary mechanism, like honeycomb pressure jacket, sampling valve, weighing system, high speed chopper temperature sensor steam coil jacket, medium circulation jacket, etc. Dissimilar heat medium require with different jacket, it be able to use for heating and cooling, while, the temperature must be within 250 Celsius degree. If a diminutive quantity of liquid is necessary throughout mixing, spraying or atomizing unit is essential in order to combine the liquid consistently with the main constituent. The liquid-adding arrangement is essentially composed by the three parts: spraying nozzles, liquid storage pot and pressure source.

Tight shaft sealing:
Three types of main shaft sealing for plough mixer: packing sealing, combine type air-purged, mechanical sealing, sealing, are used for micron grade powder, granule, powder, slurry material, and liquid.

Plough shear mixer is intended and enhanced on basis of main stream mixing technique and it is appropriate for mixing multi-material. Plough shear mixer can be used for the procedure of solid powder material, granule material. It is also capable of performing course mixing in which there is a necessity for extra liquid. These mixers are extensively preferred for application in building material, chemical, food etc.

Flexible material selection:
Material of plough dryer can be chosen from SS304, 316L, and 321, carbon steel, manganese steel, as well different material can also be used in mixture. Material is dissimilar among the part of contact with the raw material and the parts don`t contact with the material. Exterior treatment for SS contains mirror polishing sandblasting, polishing, wiredrawing all can be used in changed parts of a mixer.

Reliable driven unit:
The driven unit, power and output speed is diverse according to dissimilar processing, raw material, and starting method. Option for motor are energy saving motor, high efficiency, frequency motor, explosion-proof motors and general motors, variable Commonly used reducers are planetary gear reducer, universal gear reducer, cycloid reducer, F-series gear box R-series, and K-series. Commonly used connections are hydraulic coupler connection, pulley connection, and direct connection.

High efficiency unit:
The plough shear mixer comprises of plough heads which can be dismountable, providing an option of easier replacement. Wear-resistance treatment is complete on the plough, making the plough is more modified to the rigorous wear conditions. Dissimilar main shaft agitators can be capable of according to the properties of raw materials.

Main shaft agitators are shaver-shaped paddle, saw-toothed plough, and ordinary plough; high speed choppers are multiple-piece cross blade and double-piece lotus blade.