Vial Powder Filling Machine

Powder Injection Vial Filling Line (Sterile vial powder filling line) including vial production line consist washing, sterilizing, powder filling with rubber ( bung ) stoppering machine, cap sealing and labeling, Cartooning machine an shrink pack for vials and carton box, that suits from 5 ml. to 30 ml. vials with filling range of 50mg to 250 mg & 1.5 gms to To 6 gms single and multi dose systems with Rubber Stopper: 20mm, 28mm & 30mm Butyl auto place systems ,  Single or Double Wheel with Eight Port Powder wheel, which works on Vacuum and Air Systems to Fill powder in glas

Output – 30 To 400 Vials/Min
cGMP Model
Suitable For 5ml To 30ml Vial
No Required Any Change Parts
Fully Servo Operated Machine
Dust Collection System
On Line Rejection & Sampling System
Rubber Stoppering
21 CFR Part11 Scada System
Cloud Based Machine

  • Filling Accuracy, ± 1% depending upon consistency and uniformity of bulk density

Shree Bhagwati Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Liquid Vial And Lyophilised Product Vial Filling Line , Injectable dry powder filling machine with cabinet , ISOLATOR , LAMNIAR AIR FLOW , PLC with touch screen base working with speed available 1000 vial per hour to 12000 per hour or more we can offer as per customer requirement.