Product Dryer Technology That Surpasses All Others

The roto cone vacuum dryer is equipment used in drying of products that are damaged by high temperatures and materials having special characteristics such as easily oxidized, strong irritants, poisonous dust and volatile compounds. The machine is also designed to release a product that is completely powdered and lump free.

Rotocone Vacuum Dryer

Operational Mechanism In operation, the rotocone vacuum dryer dries product through creation of a vacuum. This decreases the pressure around the product to below the vapor pressure of water and creates the effect of reducing product water boiling point which then evaporates and there is enhanced rate of drying of the product. The process is also done under low relative humidity for better drying.

Equipment Features

To enhance the rate of drying, the rotocone vacuum dryer manufacturers may add lump breakers onto the cone for breaking the large clumps of material inside the rotating cone, increasing the drying surface area and achieves more efficient drying.

Double Cone Vacuum Dryer

The double cone vacuum dryer also utilizes the vacuum drying technology with greater drying efficiency. Wet product goes through an indirect heating process and agitation with tumbling action, all while inside a vacuum to achieve rapid drying. In this process, recovery of solvent is also possible through condensation processes.

With constant innovation, the RVCD manufacturer has been able to deliver highly precise models that achieve thorough drying of product, uniformity of products, reduced drying time and an easy to clean and maintain machine. The roto cone vacuum dryer is mainly used in chemicals processing and pharmaceutical industries where air contamination can easily occur with other types of dryers.

Innovative IPC Bins Features and Important Applications

IPC bins or the integrated process bins are special types of containers used in the handling of special chemical powders, dusts and granular materials mainly in the pharmaceutical industries. This process is done to create a dust free operation and ensure no human contamination occurs. There is total control of containment, and cross contamination is not possible.

IPC Bin Loader

Design Features

The equipment is designed with cylindrical body and tapered bottom with a large sized lid for easy cleaning process. They are made from stainless steel material such as SS 316, and mounted onto detachable stands designed according to the user requirements.

Bin Blender

This is a special type of equipment used closely with the IPC bin. It is used for blending of dry powders during tablet and capsules manufacturing. The bin blender machine enables good lubrication of granules, homogenization, mixing or granules and material conveyance to other processes.

The IPC containers, bins and lifters are developed to minimize and eliminate any human touch that may happen during the manufacturing process. The IPC bins can vary in capacity from 15 liters going up to 1500 liters in capacity depending on the user specifications. The bins are designed to do swiveling movement of up to 360 Degrees and customized construction is possible. The IPC bin loader is constructed with high volume precision and long lasting material, able to resist corrosion from the various chemicals used in processing.

These loaders are used as precursors, and temporary holders to other processes such as sachet filling, tablet pressing and other processes in pharmaceutical processing and packing.