Ribbon Blender and Mixing and Tray Dryer Machine

Introduction– The Ribbon Blender is a mixer machine that is widely used in the production of granules, dry powder, low viscosity paste, and types of liquids in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries. It is popular and high on demand as it is a light-duty blender and makes it easy to blend pre-sieved powders and solid to solid as well as solid to liquid components. The Tray dryer is yet another processing machinery that can give quick-drying results in the conventional process. There are various types of dryers like the tray dryer with steam systems, and the ones with single and double doors. A quick overview of both the machinery types can help list the benefits while opting for them.

Ribbon Blender and Mixer

The ribbon blender is used in a variety of processes like chemicals, fertilizers, plastics, and most importantly the pharmaceuticals. Manufacturers of the modern day offer them the most adaptable combinations of horsepower and speed to satisfy the most demanding of applications. They operate on the dual principle of mixing- convection and diffusion. Convection mixing is the type of mixing which occurs with the macro movement of the large particles of the solids. They are facilitated when the solids turn over along the axis of the agitator assembly. The other type of mixing is diffusion mixing which includes the micro-mixing that occurs when individual particles are moved relative to the surrounding particles. They are available in the customary U-shaped trough with an array of agitator arrangements. There are high duty versions also available utilizing the heavier walls and oversized shafts and bearings for dense materials. The advanced technology inherent in them also achieves high blending and is very convenient to be used in batches or continuous flow form to attain a homogenous blend.

Ribbon Blender with Powder transfer feeding
Ribbon Blender Machine with Screw Conveyor Mixer Machine
Ribbon Blender machine With Plamproof Model
Ribbon Beautylender
Ribbon blender with Screw conveyor

Ribbon Blender Lab Model

Ribbon Blender and Mixing

The Tray Dryer Machine

This tray dryer machine for faster drying works on the principle of continuous circulation of hot air. In the tray, moisture is removed from the solids that are placed on the tray by a conventional heating method. The moisture removal is conducted partially but in a simultaneous fashion.  The trays used in the process have meshes and they have excellent control over the temperature and humidity. They can be classified as direct and indirect ones. The Hot air direct dryers heat a product convectively through direct contact with heated air, gas, or steam. The indirect method heats a product conductively through contact with the heated wall. The advantages of the tray dryer machine are –

  • It allows for each batch handling as a separate entity and is easy to be operated in batches. The truck trays can efficiently handle valuable products.
  • It is very efficient in fuel consumption and reduces the cost of labor as it is easy to install and use.
  • Easy loading and unloading prevent any loss of material.
Tray Dryer Vacuum Tray Dryer Tray Dryer Machine
Hot Air Tray Dryer
Tray Dryer Machine Manufacturer

Tray Dryer Machine for Faster Drying Works

Bottom line– The Ribbon Blender is well capable of providing high output with homogeneity.  Smooth results can help in good quality and uniformity while saving on production costs and eliminating wastage. The Vaccum tray dryers are versatile and efficient in drying high grade, temperature, and oxygen-sensitive products. They are also suitable for hygroscopic substances which are dried to low moisture level content. The design and manufacture of these machines have the highest standards of GMP and are very compact, sturdy, and provide an aesthetic appeal.