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Ribbon Blender


Ribbon mixer, ploughshear mixer, paddle mixer, conical mixer, continuous mixer, liquid mixer,all these mixers are custom-made according to different kinds of material

Ribbon blender machine with Powder Transfer systems , Working Plate form , Product collection BIN

Ribbon Blender with Vacuum powder transfer systems , Ribbon blender with working Plate form

Powder Blending plants in Pharmaceutical ,Protein Powder, food, Ribbon mixing plants in food, Ribbon mixers machine for medicines, horizontal mixers are widely used in chemical, medicine, food, and construction line.

food material ribbon type mixing equipment line, flour blending and mixing , spice powder blending machine, seasoning blender machine with production line etc. Blender Machine with driven of motor, ribbon agitator mix the material quickly & clean and maintenances.

General Introduction

Ribbon mixer machine best suitable for chemical, Agro, Cosmetic , pharmaceuticals, food, construction line. mix powder with powder, powder with liquid, and powder with granule etc.

Ribbon blender machine with manual feeding, crane big bag feeding, screw conveyor feeding, vacuum feeding, bucket elevator etc. Mixing machine: double ribbon blender, single shaft mixer, mixing machine etc with Filling machine: storage silo, screw conveyor, packing machine, big bag etc.

Ribbon blender machine with system as dry ingredient bulk production blending line below:

  • Ribbon blender machine with jumbo bag material and feeding the mixer
  • Ribbon blender machine with mufti-level platform, manual undo the bag, mixing and packing with a bulk bag packer.
  • simple mixer frame, feed the mixer manually with the help of a folk lift.
  • using manual feeding platform, after mixing, screw conveyor send the material to the storage silo, a packer under it.
  • load the material manually on the ground,use vacuum feed to transfer material into mixer, after mixing, pack with a bulk-bag packer.
  • multi-stage vacuum feeder, store it after mixing, then packing.
  • multi-level operation platform, elevator sending to material silo, mixing, storage, and then packing. Tower structure.
  • bulket elevator feeding, mixing, storage, and packing.
  • vacuum feeding, mixing, storage, packing.
  • Manual feeding, mixing, storage, packing

Powder Ploughshear Mixers , Ploughshear Mixers , Putty Mixing Machine For Dry Ingredient , Ploughshear Mixer, Food and Spice Ploughshear Mixer machines for dry ingredient (powder plough share mixer) Powders, granules and small liquid additives in food, chemical, and construction line.

Ribbon Blender and Mixer consisting designed U-shape with specially fabricated ribbons agitators. Our ribbons agitators consisting of a sets of inner and ousters helical agitators systems. The outer ribbons moving materials in one directions and the inner ribbons moving the product material opposite directions.

Ribbon Blender and Mixer consisting designed U-shape

Ribbon blender machine with products feeding systems , screw conveyor or vacuum transfer, bucket elevator etc.


Foods: Baking Powder, Cheese Spread Ingredients, Confections, Deep-frying Batter Mixes, Drink Mixes, Frozen Fruits, Fruit Pulps, Herbs, Instant Soups, Muesli, Potato Flakes, Salads, Snack Foods, Stock Cube Mixes, Table Salt, Tobacco, Waffle Filling

Nutrition: Enzymes, Lecithin Powder, Mineral Substances, Nutrition Supplements, Protein, Sports Nutrition, Vitamin Mixes, Whey Powder

Animal Care: Animal Feeds, Chicken Fattening Feed, Fish Foods, Mineral Feed, Pet Foods, Poultry Feed, Rabbit Feed, Veterinary Medicine

Chemicals: Adhesives, Carbon Black, Dyestuff, Electrode Mass, Fly Ashes, Fungicides, Peat Moss Mixes, Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, Pigments, Plastic Additives, Resins, Solid Lubricants

Cosmetics: Coloring Powder, Dispersing Agent, Kaolin Clay, Mask Powder, Mica Flour, Surface Active Agent, Talcum Powder, Titanium Dioxide

Daily Care: Aromas, Cat Box Litter, Cleansers, Detergents, Potpourri

Building Materials: Decorative Paste Coatings, Dry Mortar Mixes, Fibre Cement Cladding, Gypsum, Joint Compounds, Thermal Insulation Composite

Ribbon Blender

Ribbon blender Mixer with plat form bottom side product out feed powder screw transfer systems to unload directly in BIN or bags/ Silo etc

Ribbon Blender Mixer

Ribbon blender Mixer with powder feeding screw conveyor than blending product in ribbon type mixer , once batch over than bottom side screw feeding systems shall be transfer in Vibro sifter for required mesh sizes product.

Ribbon blender Mixer with powder feeding screw conveyor
Ribbon blender Mixer with Vibro sifter

This model ribbon mixer and blender machine with Vacuum powder transfer systems for dust base or hygienic products feeding directly ribbon blender for mixing purpose.

ribbon mixer and blender machine with Vacuum powder transfer systems

Ribbon blender with different agitator could like inner and outer ribbon, paddle and ribbon, disconnected ribbon, and shaver-shaped agitator.

We manufacturer of industrial mixers and blenders. Adopting advanced mixing and blending technologies


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