Role of Tableting & Labeling, Filling Machinery in Various Industries

Different Machineries are used in various industries having its own purpose. Packaging plays an important role for marketing of the product. Hence labeling machines labeling machine, cap sealing machine, cartoning machine plays an important role in the industry.

Here are some of the machineries been listed that are been used in the industry

Tableting Machine:

Tableting Machine is essentially the machine used to make tablets in many sizes as per the requirements. It can transform it from the powder form to tablet form. These machines are mainly implemented in the pharmaceutical industry to produce medicine tablets; however, they also have other applications. They can be useful in making tablets form of other cleaning products and that for the cosmetic industry as well.

The process of tableting is a two step action where the first step includes lowering the bottom punch into the die to create a cavity for the granulated feed stock. The movement of lowering is controlled by the machine automatically as per the settings. Any excess filling is scraped from the top to allow the upper punch to be brought down and come in contact with the powder. This is done with force to the high pressure compression rolls and helps fuse the granulated material together and form a hard tablet. The lower punch helps eject the tablet at the end of the process by raising it again.

Sticker Labeling Machine

The main purpose of a Sticker Labeling Machine is to place informative labels on products available in a retail store. All products are required to have a label informing consumers of their ingredients as well as placing warning wherever necessary. A machine like this tends to have two supporting rollers and a bottle or a package can be placed either manually or automatically. It has a sensor that helps place labels in different shapes and sizes. The labeling can be for pharmaceutical products, food products, beverages, cosmetics, fertilizers or pesticides.

Cartoning Machine

A cartoning machine is essentially for the purpose of packaging and has the ability to erect, fold, close, side seam and seal cartons. It is often referred to as a cartoner where a carton board blank is transformed in a carton with a product or a bag with a number of products. The machine fills the carton will the product and closes all the ends of the carton by means of adhesive to seal it off completely. There are essentially two types of cartons machines, horizontal cartooning machine and vertical cartooning machine.

Induction cap sealing Machine

An Induction cap sealing Machine makes use of induction heating for the purpose of sealing caps which helps the bonding process of thermoplastic material. It includes heating electrically conducting objects; this includes use of electromagnetic induction and the heat generated in the object by eddy currents. This type of a sealing machine has many applications. One of the most common applications is sealing caps by induction method, which involves heating the inner seal and ensures the top of the plastic seal. There is no-contact method performed after the container has been filled with the product.

Edible Oil Filling Machine

This is an oil filling system mainly useful in filling plastic bottles, glass bottles and even metal containers. The applications of such a machine include the ability to fill several types of oil, like vegetable oil, edible oil, cooking oil, lubricant oil. In addition to that this machine has several good features including a no drip feature and the ability to make adjustments on they fly. It is a highly efficient machine with good performance that does not cost a lot to maintain.

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