Tablet Press Machine

Tablet Compression Machine – Double Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Model No.: SBM
tablet press machine

Description – Double Rotary Compression Machine

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Double Rotary Tablet Compression Machine Technical Specification

No. of Stations 37 45 55 61
Type of tooling D B BB BB
Output (Tablets/Hour*) 222000
Max. operating pressure-Main(kN) 100 65 65 65
Max.tablet diameter (mm) 25 16 11 11
Max. depth of fill(mm) 20 17 17 17
Upper punch entry-main(mm) 3 to 6      
Power-Total(kW/hp) 6.70/9.00      
Main Motor (kW/hp) 5.50/7.50      
Force feeder motor (kW/hp) 0.18/0.25      
Power pack motor (kW/hp) 0.75/1.00 (Optional)      
Electrical Supply (a) 415V / 3Phase / 50 Hz      
Overall dimensions L x W x H (cm) 144 x 143 x 192      
Net weight(kg) 2500      
Case dimension L x W x H (cm) 167 x 183 x 215      
Gross weight(kg) 2835      

  • In Compliance with cGMP Standard

  • Higher output suitable for large batch production

  • Force feeder attachment is a standard features, So higher weight consistency of Tablets.

  • Inter locked guards, for safety

  • Internal helical gear ring and pinion drive for smooth running of machine.

  • Easily removable bottom driven rotary force feeders

  • ACVF Drive for Main motor & also ACVF Drive for Feeder Motors

  • Electromagnetic Clutch

  • All the tablet parameters can be set from outside of the tableting zone.

  • Accumulator Cylinder for pressure loading and overload Release

  • Continuous lubrication Pump for Turret Helical Gear & Pinion

  • One shot Lubrication pump is provided for lower roll pins

  • Lower Punch seals in Turret.

  • 3 Types of Filling cams

  • Upper punch penetration

  • Round Hopper with butter fly valve

  • Upper & lower pressure rolls fitted with ball bearings

  • Hydraulic gauge is provided on lower guard for easy view

  • Separate Electrical Panel on front of machine, which facilitates easy cleaning of Machine.

Tablet Compression Machine Double Side Rotary Tablet Press Machine
Tablet Press Machine
Note: Dimensions & Technical Details are subject to change as per customers’ requirement without any further notice.