Sauce, Ketchup Glass Bottle Filling and Packaging Machine

Sauce and ketchup have become an indisputable part of our life. These are some of the few commodities that are always in demand. With the introduction of automated sauce and ketchup filling machines, the market for these two commodities has increased profusely.

Automatic Sauce and Ketchup filling machines are highly accurate fillers that dispense sauce in glass bottles. These machines are available in multiple configurations and can pack different sizes of ketchup containers.

Sauce and Ketchup Filling Machine

Working Principle of Sauce and Ketchup Filling Machine

Bottles pass on the slat conveyor belt and halt beneath the filling outlet based on the stopple mechanism of the pneumatic system. Here the stopple system and movable outlets accurately match the center of bottles beneath them and fill the preset quantity into the bottle to avert any spill on the bottles. The reciprocating outlet will lessen the frothing during the filing by moving up from the base of the bottle and moving towards its neck. “No bottle No Fill:” is the principle followed on this machine.

The servo drive motor and A/C Motor for the conveyer belt are harmonized with a varying A/C frequency drive. A programmable controller is used to set the fill quantity and tempo of the conveyor belt.

This machinery has a built-in vessel, which is attached to the repository tank with the help of a transfer pump that transfers material.

Working Principle Automatic Sauce and Ketchup Filling Machines

Salient Features of Sauce Filling And Packaging Machine

  1. It is drafted according to the GMP standard.
  2. It switches swiftly from one size of container to another.
  3. Customized dribble-free outlets are provided to keep away from frothing and spilling.
  4. Various types of liquids can be measured and filled into different types of bottles.
  5. To maintain the quality of the Ketchup it has a nitrogen flushing set-up,
  6. Unique facility to escalate and reduce the pace of work.
  7. It can pack from 200gms to 1000gms precisely in one stroke.
  8. These types of machinery can increase the production of any filling unit
  9. It has an input capacity of 500kg to 4000kg with an output capacity ranging from 200 to 2000kg per hour.
Salient Features of Sauce Filling and Packaging Machine
Automatic Sauce and Ketchup Filling Machines
Working Principle of Sauce and Ketchup Filling Machine

The operating system for the Sauce filling and packaging machine

  1. The operator can work on the control board of the machine from a certain height.
  2. The whole process involves only two steps
  3. Start the machine
  4. Feed bottles for filling
  5. Very few switch keys are required for this machinery.
  6. One cannot change the fill volume manually.

These processing machines are highly recognized in the market for their essential features, which include compact designs, flawless structure, good servicing, practicality, and optimum efficacy. Different sauces like tomato, salsa, chili, hot and sour, etc. with different viscosity can be filled using these machines.

Sauce Ketchup Glass Bottle Filling and Packaging Machine

These provide undemanding performance, anti-corrosive body, durable and sturdy construction, etc. These machines are manufactured using premium quality products, and cutting-edge technology under the stern surveillance of industry quality standards.