Front and Back, Top Labeling Machine

Security Seal Labeling Machine/ Labeller For Carton / Box – Two Side, Three Side , Four Side Label Applicator


The Carton box security seal labeling machine is a automatic, high-speed, front and back labeller machine as well
front and back carton labeling with top label applicator also model buy many customer to apply label top side on
carton as well double side . This sophisticated model with hologram sticker labelling machine is highly suitable
for applying hologram stickers on a variety of labels and film rolls that are commonly utilized in the secondary
packaging . front and back labelling systems are extremely durable, efficient and easy to operate. This front &
back labeller can be installed quickly and contains no change parts to be adjusted providing easy operations and
low maintenance. Equipped with intelligent technology, It is especially designed to apply small-sized labels on
film role for security label application. This security label applicator has the capacity to label maximum 300
units per minutes, based on the length of the film roll. Our security label applicator machine is the SERVO Base or
microprocessor controlled system for dispensing label applicator unit; as well as a highly user-friendly sensing
system for the labels and the product rolls. Besides this model, we also have a vast range of other machines which
can be used as a carton and box security label applicator and also for quickly and accurately applying holograms on
many other types of products. This up to date equipment saves your valuable time and overall expenses for security
label application. Further, it uses a reliable PLC controlled system, front and back labellers can label up to 300
bottles per minute. The labeller system comes equipped with a colour touch-screen for easy accessibility.for the
labelling head to ensure ease of operation. This robust machine also includes a high-speed, imported and totally
synchronized stepper motor and a servo motor for the labelling heads; as well as an A.C. brushless motor for all
the other drives. It even has a centralized and aligned sponge belt, squaring chain, and nylon screw worm, in order
to precisely align the products without changing the parts.

Cartoon Box Security Seal Labelling Machine Description

The Two side carton Sticker Labelling Machine applying Two Side Security Labels in “L” Shape on Two side of Cartons
with speed up to 300 carton per minute depending on cartons and label size with respect of Product Size, Shape,
Product movement direction and Label size. Carton security seal labelling Machine suitable for all type Cartons.
Carton box labelling Machine can be used for Off-Line or On Line application, end user/ customer require to send us
sample of cartons and also detail of carton position while movement as the position of carton is important and
required to feed and desired position for two side or three side label application.

Technical Specifications

Speed 100/200/300 Carton per minute – depend of carton and label sizes
Label Length 8 to 300mm.
Label Height 90/135/235/(std.) above 235mm (optional)
Dispenser Moter Stepper/Servo
Stop Tolerance +/- 1.0 to 1.5mm (servo)/Servo
(Accuracy on dispenser) 1.5 to 2.00mm (stepper)
Roll Dia 300mm std. & 550mm (optional)
Product side belt conveyor with diff. speed Nylon or timing belt Twin-Feed Worm Assy for some special bottle
or carton
Feeding & separation Flat / Oval Bottle (Change Part as per products)
Product Holding Specially designed high quality timing belt with cushion type top holding belt.
HMI Feather touch keypad (std.) Touch HMI or Industrial. PC (optional)

Standard Features

  • Single side or double side , three side or four side labelling simultaneously on any shape & size

  • Speed up to 100-200-300 containers/min depend of carton and label sizes.

  • Servo Technology for label applicator.

  • Two or three label dispensers operates independently which allows different size of label application on either

  • Security Seal Labeler - applying security disc label to
    top and side of box.

Optional Automation

  • Ø Label Roll Empty - Machine Stop System with Alarm

  • Ø Missing Label in Roll - Machine Stop System with Alarm

  • Ø Transparent Film Labels Special Label Sensor

  • Ø Safety Cabinet for Machine

  • Ø Tower Light showing the machine status / operation

  • Ø Visison System for checking Barcode, presence or absence of Coding or pharma code

  • Ø Vision System with OCV / OCR system for checking coding on labels

  • Ø Online pneumatically operated product rejection system

Security Seal Labeling Machine
Security Seal Labeling Machine
Security Seal Labeling Machine
Security Seal Labeling Machine
Security Seal Labeling Machine
Security Seal Labeling Machine
Security Seal Labeling Machine
Security Seal Labeling Machine
Security Seal Labeling Machine