Selecting a Dry Granulation Line

When selecting a dry granulation line for your application, you may have several options. Some of these options are Bhagwati Pharma Dry Granulation Lines, Bhagwati Pharma Fluid Bed Granulators, Bhagwati Pharma High Shear Mixer Granulators, and Bhagwati Pharma High Shear Mixer Granulators. Choosing the right dryer for your application is important because these machines will affect the quality of your finished product.

Fluid bed Dryer FBD for Pharmaceutical Nutraceuticals

Dry Granulation Lines

Bhagwati Dry Granulation Lines utilize the granulation and drying process to produce granules. These lines are available with one or two high-speed mixers and two or more fluidized bed dryers. These lines reduce labor intensity and eliminate cross-contamination and dust pollution.

Global sales of continuous granulation lines are projected to reach a multi-million-dollar market by 2028. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of % for the next six years. The report also highlights the competitive landscape and analyzes regional growth opportunities for this market.

Fluid bed Dryer FBD for Pharmaceuticals Nutraceutical

Bhagwati Pharma control systems are designed to be highly adaptable and can be used to control individual machines or entire fluid bed granulator lines. Using a Brand PLC, Bhagwati Pharma systems can be integrated into integrated systems. In addition, they comply with FDA 21 CFR part11 requirements.

Bhagwati Pharma Fluid Bed Granulator

A Fluid Bed Granulator is a crucial piece of equipment in the production of solid preparations. The machine combines drying, mixing, and granulation operations in one process. The line is also equipped with a lifting column, conical mill, and vacuum conveying system. A top spray granulator, which acts as a single granulator, is also included in the line.

Dry Granulation Line

Two positions were tested using a probe inserted into the fluid bed. One was horizontal, while the other was sloped. The horizontal position was preferred because the sloped position was prone to window fouling during the spraying phase. In addition, the sloped position was more sensitive to particle fouling, as sticky particles covered the window during granulation. The sloped position also produced noise during the first 20 min of each granulation batch. The noise was caused by particles covering the measurement window and by the high static electrical charge of the particles during the mixing process.

High Shear Granulators

High shear mixer granulators are used in the dry granulation of hydrophilic polymers and highly cohesive ingredients. The granulation process is controlled by the torque and flow rate of the impeller. The right balance of these parameters is critical to the process’ efficiency. A key component in high shear granulators is the design of the impeller, which performs both wet and dry mixing.

High shear mixers are used in the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, cosmetic, ink, and adhesive industries. They have many features, including a variable speed, MCCB, and PLC control system. The high-shear granulators achieve fine emulsions, dispersions, and agglomerations.

Fluid Bed Dryer Rapid Mixer Granulator Sifters

Fluid Bed Granulator

Bhagwati Pharma’s Fluid Bed Granulator (FBG) is a multi-purpose piece of equipment that combines granulation and drying in one machine. The unit is modular, offers two-bar explosion-proof protection, is heavy-duty, and has adjustable flow rates. The unit is used for the production of pharmaceutical solid dosage forms. It has been around since 1988.

It features a fluid-bed system to produce uniform granules with unimodal particle size distribution. Fluid-bed granulation is a highly reproducible process and offers many benefits. It allows for maximum drying efficiency and minimizes product loss due to hot spots. It also offers high batch size flexibility.

Another advantage of the Bhagwati Pharma Fluid Bed Granulator is its ability to measure moisture content in the granules. Its NIR-spectroscopy technology allows for accurate moisture content prediction, as well as in-line detection of the drying endpoint. It also allows users to compare the moisture content of granules over different formulations.

High Shear Mixer Granulator

High shear mixers are designed to provide the proper granulation for pharmaceutical materials. They are used for both wet and dry powders. These mixers have variable speeds, impellers with different blade designs, and other features to make the granulation process effective. The impeller is the most important part of a high shear mixer, and its design determines how efficient it will be during the granulation process.

A high shear mixer granulator is an essential piece of equipment in a solid dosage production line. It transforms a fine-powder heterogeneous mixture into a uniform granulation, resulting in improved particle size, increased density, proper flow properties, and reproducibility.