Self Adhesive Bottle Labeling Machine

A Self Adhesive Bottle Labeling Machine is a versatile machine for labelling bottles. They come in a wide range of models, from linear and rotative to non-stop, multi-module machines. They can handle a wide range of bottle shapes, from cylindrical to rectangular and square to irregular.

Self Adhesive Bottle Labeling Machine Functions

The Self Adhesive Labellers feature a stationary rubber pad and a rubber pressing system to apply labels accurately and neatly on containers. It also features an electromechanical device that places labels on the flat surfaces of containers without the risk of wrinkles or folds. Usually, the machine is used in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and chemical industries. Nevertheless, it can also be used in many other applications as well.

The machine is fully automatic and is suitable for both full and partial wraparound labels on bottles. Its stainless steel construction ensures long life and user compatibility. It is easy to use and has an auto-label application system. It can handle a large number of bottles at once.

Label applicator machines are an essential part of the packaging process. They are often combined with other machines and are designed to meet specific needs. Bottle labeling machines feature various features that help maximize production efficiency. The machines are available with different attachments, such as code printers and a wide range of labels. Besides, these machines are flexible and cost-effective.

Another advantage of using a labeling machine is that it can handle bottles with different shapes and sizes. This machine uses less force than manual labeling, which minimizes wastage. As a result, the machine can handle both round and flat bottles with minimum change parts. It is also built to last.


The Safety of self adhesive bottle labeling machine is ensured with the provision of a Safety Device. This device stops the machine when a bottle enters the safety zone. It is also equipped with Drop Oilers, which provide continuous lubrication to the machine. The No Finger system and a Vacuum operated 3/6 Label pick up cylinder ensure fast delivery of labels. Moreover, the Safety Device prevents the machine from damaging the bottle and prevents erroneous labels from sticking to the bottle.

Self adhesive bottle labeling machine uses a stepping servo motor to apply labels to bottles, and uses PLC to control and monitor the process. This machine is also equipped with a color touch screen display to ensure accuracy in application. It also allows the user to install a coding printer for additional labeling functionality.

Self adhesive bottle labeling machines come in a variety of configurations and are perfect for labelling PET, glass, and metal containers. They can be configured to apply single or double side labels, and can handle up to six modules at once. It also has a high-speed labeling option, and can be used for different types of containers.

The Safety of Self Adhesive Bottle Labeling Machine: The labeling machine is extremely accurate and can be used to label various types of containers. Safety is the primary concern with any labeling machine. While operating one, it’s best to make sure that you always use gloves to prevent skin contact.


Compared to other bottle labeling machines, this one is characterized by a low downtime. Moreover, its efficient operation can increase the production rate. Its design allows the users to operate it easily. The machine does not require too many tools and requires only minimal maintenance. It also comes with a camera-based vision inspection system, which ensures that the labels are fixed neatly. If the system detects a bottle with a label that does not meet the requirements, it gives a pulse that stops the machine.

In addition, this machine has redundant dual labeling heads that prevent downtime during label roll replacement. It also uses a synchronized servo motor drive to ensure continuous line operation. It can apply labels at speeds of up to 200 containers per minute. Moreover, it is capable of applying labels on a wide variety of containers.

Another feature of this machine is its automatic length detection system. This system helps the user to save time and money by eliminating the need for manual label length detection. This technology reduces downtime and improves production. Its superior speed and accuracy make it a highly efficient machine for labelling bottles.

There are several causes of label mismatch. For instance, there is an incorrect amount of release agent on the label. If the release agent is too large, it will cause the label to lift or even fall while it moves through the machine. The label converter can provide guidance to specify the right release agent for the containers’ environment.