Tablet Counting and Filling Machine

Semi Auto Electronic Tablet Counting Machine

semi auto electronic tablet counting machine, electronic tablet counting machine


The Semi Automatic tablet and capsule counting and filling machine is compact, easy to operate and maintain. The photoelectric scanner at the tablet and counting filling station counts the pre-determined quantity of the capsules/tablets and stops automatically until the next container is placed at the filling station. The machine is incorporated with two filling nozzles for continuous counting and filling.

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Machine size Length 1000 mm Width 650 mm Height 1100 mm.
Body Structure Stainless Steel 304
Power Supply 230Volt (Single Phase)
Air required 3 Kg
Production Speed 400 to 500 Tablets per Mint. or Capsule per Mint.200/300 (Depend on tablet/Capsule size Shape)
HMI P.L.C Base Delta make
Glass disc type turn table
Variable Speed Counting sensor makes Banner (USA)
Gear motor Bonfiglioli Italy

Air component with piston And Valve make SMC/ SMB
Tablet Running Size 6mm To 15mm (OD) Tablet

Thickness 4mm To 10mm

Note :- Per Mint 400/500 Speed For Tablet Only 8mm And 10mm

Thickness. 5 mm Above Tablet accuracy 0.1 /0.2 %

Electronic Type Tablet Counting Machine - Technical Specification

Machine Length 1000 mm
Width 650 mm
Height 1100 mm
Machine Construction S.S 304
Power Supply 440 Volt( Three Phase )
Air require 2Kg.
Production Speed 600 to 700 Tablets per Minute or( Depend on tablet size)
HMI & P.L.C Base (Delta make)
Glass disc type turn table
Variable Speed  
Countign sensor make panasonic  
Gearmotor ( bonfiglioly Italy )
Ait component with piston make (VAC)

  • Semi automatic machine (P.L.C. Based).

  • Machine Structure stainless Steel 304

  • Variable speed available.

  • Product wise filling quantity can be saved in PLC for reqular use

  • Per hour counting output of approx. 30000 tablet / capsule

  • Data for daily report is available in PLC

  • Air pressure required 1kg

  • Electric power 230V, Single phase

  • Machine weight 150kg Approx.