Viscous Liquid Filling Machine

15 Kg Tin Filling Machine – Semi Automatic Flowmatic PLC Base Ghee Tin Filler (For 15Kg)

Semi Automatic Flowmatic PLC Base Ghee Tin Filling Machine

The Semi Automatic Flowmatic PLC Base Machine is compact and highly efficient machine with elegant look. This multifunction multi featured machine meets the custom requirements of Bulk filling 15Kg Tin with no restriction of liquid characteristics. The 15 Kg Tin Filling machine has its own pumping system to fill the programmed liquid in Jars. The flow of liquid is measured and converted in to electronic signals being controlled by the PLC base circuit. No mechanical adjustments are required to set different fill volumes with different sizes of containers. i.e. No change part is required.

15kg tin filling machine is a special machine that is essential for bulk filling of a 15 KG tin. A machine like this has a pumping system for the liquid and the flow of the liquid is monitored, measured and controlled using electronic signals. 15 kg tin filler is essentially an automated machine that has the ability to fill jars or containers of different shapes and sizes and is precise hence no wastage( dripping ).

The filling range can be set from Touch Screen or PLC screen directly. By giving start command the pneumatically controlled nozzle opens and dispense the set volume of liquid in the Jar using flow sensor. Once the set volume of liquid has been dispensed, the nozzle shuts off immediately in positive way and ensures zero dripping.

Technical Specification of 15 Kg Tin Filler







No. of Head 1 No.
Output At actual – Depend on Fill Volume and operator speed.
Fill Size* 15kg
No. of Operator 1 No.
Electrical supply 3 Phase, 1 KW