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9 Head Rotary Perfume Filling Machine



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Machine Operation:

Place the empty bottles on the holders, the holders would push the bottle upwards while the star wheel is rotating, due to vacuum the bottle(s) would get filled and the excess perfume would automatically be thrown in the overflow jar.

Perfume Transfer Pump Operation:- When the machine is started, there is a level Switch Provided in the perfume filling tank, which gives an indication to the perfume transfer pump which sucks the perfume from the storage vessel and transfer it into the perfume filling tank, when the filling tank is filled to the level, again the switch gives and indication and stops the transferring process and vice versa.

Salient Features:

  • Vaccumetric filling system.
  • Flame-proof motor for vacuum pump & main drive.
  • Speed variable system by mechanical By Delta   operation (for safety purpose).
  • Electronic flame proof liquid level sensor provided.
  • Perfume transfer pump not required.
  • Hardchrom plated camps.
  • Tefflon NRV/seal other required parts.
  • Accurate level filling.
  • All contact parts made out of S.S. 304 L materials.
  • Table stand, top, covers made out of S.S. 304 material.
    Auto overflow perfume transfer in filling line. 

Model 9 HEAD
Maximum filling capacity 500ml
Minimum filling capacity 5ml.
No. of filling head 9
Main drive geared motor 0.5 HP
Vacuum pump 0.5 HP / 150 LPM 
Approx. machine dimension 800mm W x 850mm L x 1800 H
Approx. production/ capacity
(by changing filling syringes)
10 ml to 100 ml  : 60to 55 BPM ,  100 ml to 200 ml : 40 to 35 BPM
Speed Variable By Delta
Manpower required 1 or 2  people
Air operated Transfer Pump BASIC M/c. PRICE

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