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Automatic Self Adhesive Rotary High Speed Ampoule/Vial Labelling Machine

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No label data input/retrievals require for any label size Synchronized speed of labe



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General Specification:

Fully Automatic Super High Speed Rotary, Sticker (Self – Adhesive) Labelling Machine, Suitable to apply accurate Labels on Ampoules and Vials with maximum output up to 100 Labels Per Minute. Rotary Machine specially designed to apply labels on Ampoules and Vials and other small diameter cylindrical products at higher speed with better accuracy.

The Machine incorporates latest sophisticated microprocessor Controlled Stepper Motor Drive and Servo Drive Fibber Optic Label and Product sensing system. Sticker Labelling machines are 100% User Friendly, Virtually Maintenance Free and do not require Data Inputs for Label Size.

Shree Bhagwati is INDIA’S largest Labeling machine manufacturing company , Our Self adhesive labeler is used to apply labels to various industries products such as Ampoules, Vials, Bottles, Jars, Container, Canisters, Cartons, Boxes, Caps packages , body labeling , front and back label , top , side , security seal , hologram labeling etc. The self adhesive labeling machines are also known as Manufacturers of Labeling Machines / Label Application Equipment, Systems – Turnkey, automatic, in-line, pressure sensitive labelers/decorating equipment, machines. Wrap-around labelers, systems. Pressure sensitive, consumer product, beverage bottle labelers. Labeling/decorating machinery ,label applicator , labeling systems, labeling equipment, labeling machines, labeler, labeling machinery, labelling machinery, labelling machine, labellers, labelling equipment. Stand along label applicator, security seal labelling machine etc. Front, back, top, bottom, wrap around up to +100%, booklet, crescent shaped (for tapered rounds)1 label on 2, 3, or 4 panels, corner wraps, 2 adjacent sides, spot, RFID, tamper evident, neck, and 1, 2, or 3 labels orientated on a round product, etc…with Integrated Options: Thermal print engines for print and apply and UPC bar coding, hot stamp coders, ink jet, and laser coders.

Labelling machines are used in wide range of industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Distilleries & Breweries, Cosmetics & Toiletries, Lube & Edible Oil, Pesticides, Food & Ancillaries , Chemical, Food, Beverage, Pesticides, Gifts, Agriculture, Electronics and many more. Some companies use Labelling machines that are small, handheld, and easily portable to apply labels on different products. Standard Pressure Sensitive paper (opaque), clear, Mylar, and foil labels. Distribution, Logistics, Handling for glass and plastic, bottle and container applications for consumer product, beverage, food, chemical,. pharmaceutical, pet care/food, automotive, personal care, wine, and petroleum packaging applications. Pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, personal care, dairy, water, nutriceuticals, blow/injection molding, contract packaging, to name a few.

  • No label data input/retrievals require for any label size
  • Synchronized speed of label dispensing, conveyor and top holding belt
  • Virtually maintenance free machine
  • Easy to change label application height
  • User friendly label placing adjustments
  • No change parts container & label size
  • Built in A. C. variable frequency drive system
  • Fully stainless steel finish machine and also frame structure

Label Height 8 mm to 70 mm Standard*
Label Length 12 mm to Minimum
Label Roll Dia 300 mm
Core Dia 75/76 mm
Product Diameter 35 mm* Maximum
Electrical 220 VAC Single Phase Power Supply (50/60 Hz)
Power  2.5 Amp
Capacity 0.75 KW
Output / Min Up to 100-400 Label/min.( As per customer requirement.)
Overall Dimension 900 mm (L) x 1100 mm (W) x 1400 mm (H) – Approx