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Automatic Tablet/Capsule Counting & Filling Machine Model No. SBTCF-100 (Track Type)



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Tablet counting and filling machine adopts advanced vibration and multi-Track with PLC control, transfer the Container automatically, system test automatically. The machine With Stop automatically function and other advanced technology. This machine designed with GMP standard. Compose the light, electric machinery to one set, which is suitable for tablet or capsule counting and filling in pharmaceutical or food business.

Its storing-air pressure regulator ensures reliability and stability of pneumatic components. Auto-diagnosis system of the equipment monitors the whole running process to ensure correctness of counting. The equipment runs reliably. It is easy to change the specification of Container. Control system of the machine can store working parameter of various medicaments. Good man-machine work interface makes operators master easily. The machine conforms to requirements of GMP Standards.

Model No. SBTCF –100
Capacity 30-50  Bottles per minute - depend on fill size
Product Size Max. dia. 23mm tablets. #00~#5 capsules
Container Diameter Range 26~100mm
Container Height Limit Up to 215mm
Electric motor 1.5HP / 50 Hz / 3 phase
Power 0.9 kW
Air Consumption 0.05 M3/min
Hopper volume 2 Kg