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Electronic Type Tablet Counting & Filling Machine Model No. SBTCF-100



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The Counter will fulfill all your needs of tablet counting and filling. It enables every possibility!

  • 100% counting accuracy guaranteed.
  • Having highly speed
  • Counting quantity can be set from 3pieces to 30000pieces per bottle.
  • The design of heavy duty stainless steel with polished welds on all horizontal surfaces prevents dust building up in operation. Seamless design prevents potential product contamination.
  • This machine is equipped with advanced detecting system including of a dust compensator and bulit-in spike controller. The sensor adjusts its sensitivity automatically to offset the gradual accumulation of "dust" on the sensor window.
  • Product contact materials are all made of 316,304 Stainless Steel or PE.
  • Auto rejection system removes incorrectly-filled containers off the conveyor and resets the correct counting amount. This machine is programmable to stop immediately when containers are incorrectly filled.

The machine structure as below:

  • Feed bin
  • Bin stopper
  • Vibrato part(contain glass cover)
  • Test part(contain track )
  • Memory door
  • Funnel
  • Blanking shield system
  • Flow track and filling part
  • Laking bottle detection electric eye
  • Stop bottle gate system
  • Probelm one collection zone
  • Trcack electric eye
  • Track convey bottle part


The highest speed UP to 50-80 Bottles per minute
Commonly used style Tablets/capsule
Bottle diameter φ20~φ100mm
Bottle highth 40~240mm
Power source 220V-50/60Hz
Compressed air 0.5~0.6MPa
Total power 1.5 Kw