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FLOWMATIC PLC Base Auto Volume Adjustable 2 Head Filling Machine



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We at SHREE BHAGWATI, India’s Top largest manufacturing company flowmatic Filling Machine Manufacturer have involved our self in the manufacturing process of wide ranges of Filling Machines at a comparatively lowest price that too with an excellent after sales services in all over the country

The automatic gear pump filling machine from Shree Bhagwati Machtech India Pvt Ltd can also be manufactured with many different options to make the filler ideal for an individual product. Diving nozzles and bottom up filling for foamy products or air pockets when filling thicker products. Optionally extra cost also provide product agitation and mixing systems can also be added for products that contain particulates that may tend to settle in the supply tank.

Shree Bhagwati make Gear pumps are strongly recommended for dispensing Diagnostic, oil industries, Cosmetic/Personal Care, Food, Chemical Specialty, pesticide and Household applications. These gear fill pumps are often used for thin free flow liquids, but can also be used for thick free flow liquids such as adhesives. Gear pumps filler are versatile, operate consistently in either flow direction, and give you a constant and even discharge regardless of your pressure conditions. our filler machine with cleaning options (CIP, Remote CIP, and COP). Similar to lobe pumps, rotary gear pumps provide an accurate fill and are best suited for fill volumes ranging from 50 ml to 20 Liter.

We have supply many filling line with gear pump base filling and refer below few product details for your reference.

  • Edible Oil Filling machine for Pet bottle and jerry can
  • Syrup bottle filling machine for Per bottle
  • Pesticide bottle filling machine – solvent and water base.
  • Per Bottle Oil Filling Machine
  • Mustard Oil Filling Machine for Pet bottle filling and Jar filling
  • Edible Oils Bottle Filling Machine with capping line for Pet bottle
  • Essential Oil Bottle Filling Machine
  • Glass Floor Cleaner filling machine with capping , labeling machine
  • Liquid Soap Filling Machine with capper and labelling machine
  • Floor Cleaner Liquid Filling Machine with screw capping , labeling machine line
  • Lube Oil filler machine, capper , induction ,  front and back labeling and Carton packing
  • Lubricant, Edible Oil Filler , inline capper , induction sealer and labeler machine
  • Rotary Lobe Pump Filling Machine for hand wash
  • Mass Flow Meters Oil Filling Machine for bulk filling
  • Bottle Olive Oil Filling Machine and capping line
  • Cooking Oil Filling Machine with capping , shrink sleeve applicator and tunnel
  • Edible Oils Filling Machine for Bottle and Jerry Can
  • Engine Oil Filling Machine, capping , induction sealer machine and labeling machine – double side
  • Essential Oil Filling Machine and capping machine
  • Lube Oil Filling Machine with linear capping machine
  • Motor Oil Filling Machine and capping machine
  • Mustard Oil Bottle Filling Machine with rotary capping machine
  • Refined Oil Bottle Filling Machine, capping and labeling machine
  • Vegetable Oil Bottle Filling Machine with Screw capping machine
  • Lube Oil Filling Machine and linear plastic screw capping machine
  • Gear Pump Filling Machine for agro chemical
  • Disinfectants Liquid Filling Machine with Capping Machine
  • Flow Meter Filling Machine , capping , induction sealer and labelling machine suitable for 500ml to 5 ltrs
  • Oil Filling Machine for Petroleum
  • Engine Oil Filling Machine
  • Olive Oil Filling Machine
  • Brake Oil Filling Machine

The Automatic 2 Head Flowmatic Base Oil Filling machine is compact and highly efficient machine with elegant look. This multi function multi featured machine meets the custom requirements of filling for glass, plastic and aluminum tin. The machine has its own pumping system to connect the machine with main tank. The flow of liquid is measured and converted in to electronic signals being controlled by micro computer base circuitry. Minimum adjustment required to set different capacities 5 kg to 15 kg with varying containers. The entire range can be set on the same machine without any change parts

Application  Filling for oil industries, Cosmetic/Personal Care, Food, Chemical Specialty, pesticide and Household applications
Bottle Type PET, PVC, PP, Glass bottles
Suitable bottle Bottle with size 200ml to 10L with help of change parts 
Suitable cap type Screw cap, Pressing Cap, Sport cap, Crow Cap, Aluminum Cap, Mental Cap
Supply Capacity 1,000 to 15,000 bottles per hour(500ml bottle)
Voltage 220/380V custom made
Automatic Grade Automatic
Driven Type: Electric Electric
Material: High quality SUS304/316L stainless steel
After-sales Service Provided Engineers available to service machinery overseas


The filling pump synchronized with conveyor drive and conveyor drive controlled by AC frequency drive. The speed can be set in terms of bottles per minute. The conveyor drive consists of a hollow shaft, geared motor controlled by AC frequency drive. A knob can set the speed of conveyor.

Output 10-20 bottles per minute – depend on filling volume
Direction of Movement Left to Right
No. of Filling Head 2
Fill Size* 250ml-5ltrs
Electrical Specification 2 HP / 415 / 3ph / 50 Hz.
Height of Conveyor 860 to 910 mm