Tablet Counting and Filling Machine

Silica Gel Inserter

Technical Specifications


Power Source 230VAC, 1Ph, 50Hz,7Amp
Approx Weight 1000 Kg
Compressed Air 6Kg/Cm2
Dry Silica Pouch Type Center Hole/Perforation/I Mark

The silica gel of different sizes 1gm, 2gm, 3gm pouches shall be in the roll form which is to be mounted on the machine manually into predefined position. Pouches should carry center hole/perforation/I mark to facilities positioning the pouch for cutting. The pouches are routed through dancing arm and idle roller passing through gripper and puller before dropping into the container.

The roll bobbin mounted on a shaft carry a drive system for unwinding the spool and the pouch web is propagated in the forward direction, through a special steeper drive system. The predetermined advance of the Pouch advances as per the defined “center hole/perforation/ I mark “position, These Position is scanned through a precision sensor. An effective cutter is position and activated pneumatically which cut the silica gel pouch. The pouch drop through a chute into the position bottle beneath this. These machines carry an actuator control through MMI.

Special Note: 1. Pitch between pouches should be maintain within ± 0.1mm
2. The clearance between mouth of the container and silica pouch width should minimum 6mm.