Tablet Counting and Filling Machine

Single Head Cotton Inserter Machine

The cotton is normally in a roll form and different sizes of roll available according to the filling need in the container.

The cotton roll is drawn between rollers & located in predefine position. The machine carries an indexing mechanism with tube position at predefine pitch. The cotton is drawn and cut, then pushed into the tube from the bottom side. The indexer indexes continuously to position the cotton filled tubes over the container. A pusher from the top pushes the cotton into the container. The system is operated through PLC and indexing is controlled by servo system. The MMI is loaded within the parameter for easy setting.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions L x W x H –Single Head 2100mm x 1025mm x 1525mm.

Weight. Single Head 450 Kgs
No. of Indexing Head. Single Six.
Output (Bottles/ Min). Single head 50-60. (Depending upon bottle size & shape and cotton cutting length)
Bottle Specifications. Dia – min 28 mm mouth Dia (Round shape)
Dia - max – 65 mm mouth Dia( Round shape)
Product to be packed Bleached absorbent cotton
Length of cut of the cotton 2” to 4” of cotton. Density > 9, 12, 16, 20 gms/
yard cotton roll
Moisture content on the cotton material
used in packing
Shall be NMT 8%
Weight tolerance of the cotton inserted
+/- 20% by weight
Conveyor Length – Single Head
Conveyor Height
950 mm (± 50mm)
Electric Load 1.12 KW / 1.5 HP
Electric Supply AC 220V, 1PH, 50 HZ & Neutral
Air Supply 3 CFM @ 6 kg / cm2