Tablet Counting and Filling Machine

Single Head Screw Capping Machine Model – SBCS – 60

Technical Specifications

Dimensions L X W X H 2455mm x 1010mm x 1710mm.

Weight. 600 KG
No. Of Capping Head. One.
Output (Bottles/ Min). 55 to 60. (Depending upon bottle size & shape)
Bottle Specifications. Height 50mm~200mm
Diameter 30mm~75mm

Cap Diameter Caps from Ø30mm to Ø55mm
Level Sensor To Ensure Cap Is Properly
Sensor To Indicate VAD Presence
In Built Torque Limiter For Cap Tightening.
Conveyor Length
Conveyor Height
900 mm (± 25mm) From ground
Electric Load 3.5 KW / 4.7 HP
Electric Supply AC 220V, 1PH, 50 HZ & Neutral
Air Supply 4 CFM @ 6 Kg / cm2