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Slat Chain Conveyor Belt


Our Slat Chain Conveyor belt and Conveying / transferring of empty / filled bottles/ containers / jars, etc.on packaging lines.is easy to install and is a reliable medium for carrying the goods from one place to another during the processes involved in production and packaging. Our Slat Chain Conveyor is made suing materials which are resistant to corrosion and is suitable for carrying goods of different nature. Our Slat Chain Conveyor is widely used in industries for transferring of empty bottles on packaging lines.

Product Details
  • Application : Conveying / transferring of empty / filled bottles/ containers / jars, etc. on packaging lines.
  • Construction : Stainless Steel Railing-S.S. Rods / Flats
  • Height : Adjustable as per requirement
  • Speed : Variable
  • Power Requirement : Depends on length of conveyor
  • Drive : S.S. pipes
  • Slat chain : Imported / Indian S.S. 83 mm. width
  • Wear Strip : UHMW (Extruded profile)

Also provide complete line solutions for beverage & food production lines. Our equipments include: Beverage processing, rinsing machine, filling machine, capping machine, conveying system, CIP system, sterilizer and related beverage packing equipments.

Food and Beverage industry palletizes, depolarizers, washers, labelers, fillers, pasteurizers, incliners, out feeds, elevators and accumulation tables are equipped with slat top chains, curves, sprockets, belts, leveling elements and many more conveyor components. For the container manufacturing industry special products and materials are available, such as abrasion resistant polyamide for glass plants, vacuum chains for can making and gripper chains for vertical transport , Beverage Beer Wine Bottle Conveyor System For Water Production Line , Carbonated Drink Plastic Bottle Conveyor System , Speed Adjustable Automatic Stable Bottle Conveyor System For Juice Filling Line , Purified Water Bottling Conveyor Systems For Beverage Making Machine , Soda / Tea Plastic Bottle Conveyor System Automated Conveying Systems , Glass Infusion Bottle Conveyor System , Conveyor Belt Equipment