Steam Tray Dryer

If you are planning to buy a steam tray dryer, you must know how to weigh all its pros and cons. To start with, you must know the difference between this type of dryer and other types. The main purpose of a Steam tray is to use hot water to steam the clothes without touching the fabric directly. As such, there is no danger of the fibres in your clothes being ruined as the steam rapidly warms them up. The end result is that your clothes will remain wrinkle free for a longer period of time.

When it comes to choosing a steam tray dryer, you must consider the kind of fabric that you are going to dry. This is because different fabrics require different temperatures. For instance cotton is best kept in a low temperature. Fabrics like silk can be kept at high temperatures. You can also purchase a combination unit which can dry both your bedding as well as clothing at the same time.

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When it comes to buying the steam tray dryers, you must understand that there are two main categories, namely, manufactured using plastic or fiber. Both these types of units use the very same mechanisms, namely, heating element and dryer. In most cases, the primary difference lies in the fact that fiber based units have much better moisture control. The product details will tell you how the entire range of products is manufactured using a special high-tech method.

Most of the time, manufacturers of steam tray dryers use a combination of two different heating elements. One element will be located at the bottom of the unit while the other element will be located on the top of the unit. With regard to the moisture control, the manufacturer uses a combination of a dryer that has a higher heat capacity as well as a wet material that has a lower heat capacity. This ensures that the bottom heating element does not exhaust hot air that could cause the clothes to get damaged.

The next aspect to look into is the type of trays that are used in the product. There are two types of trays that can be found for steam heated dryers. The first type includes the self-contained trays that have been divided into compartments by the use of an interior tarp. The second type is a rotary tray dryer that features separate compartments along with the inner dryer and the outer tray. The latter is used when the need arises to ventilate the inside compartment during the drying process.

The final aspect to check out is the delivery time. A good manufacturer of steam tray dryer will provide you with a product that is delivered within three months of purchase. However, in case you have purchased an expensive unit, you can ask your supplier to furnish you with a detailed time period in case you require to send the product back for a replacement or any other repairs. You can also ask your supplier to furnish you with a product that is priced competitively. Once you have checked all these aspects, you should be able to select the best trays for your needs without much hassle.