Suppository Filling Line – Suppository Thermoforming, Filling & Sealing Machine

New Suppository Medicine Manufacturing Technology; a Boon to Modern Medicine

A suppository is a different form of drug delivery where medication is introduced into the body through the rectum or the vagina (Virginal suppository) or even the urethra. This method of delivery is used for medication that is difficult to swallow, or is not well absorbed through the stomach.They are used on various types of medications.

Important Features of the Suppository Production Machines

The suppository shell making involves manufacture of base material into a torpedo shape for ease of insertion into the body. In manufacturing of suppositories, the base material is melted and the active ingredient may be dispersed in this material. Molten material is poured into the desired mould form and cooling is done.The viscosity of the base material is often a major consideration during the manufacturing process, as it is affected by the properties of the active ingredient.

Suppository Machines

Some of the main bases used are the glycerol – gelatin bases and the water miscible bases.

Suppository Making Machine

Suppository machine is made to automatically form the base material, fill in the active ingredient and seal for further batching and distribution.


  • The operating system is optimized such that no waste of the base material occurs during the production process.
  • An advanced material forming station for molding of the suppository cavities
  • High accuracy suppository filling line with nozzles that fit in the mould cavity. The volume of fill is automatically set through the programmable logic control unit.

Operation Process

Some of the basic processes of the suppository thermoforming /filling & sealing machine include pre heating of the active ingredients, welding, knurling, bubble shaping, infusing, sealing and cooling. There is a high precision metering mechanism for infusing the premixed medicines into the empty shell after which the product goes to the cooling process.

From a technological perspective, this equipment has combined the programmable logic control system with the human interface for maximum efficiency to be achieved.  A special collapse detection mechanism is fitted to ensure there is minimum wastage of the product.

Machine Capacity

With the recent development in machine technology, the suppository production line output has increased tremendously with output that can go up to 30,000 suppositories per hour.

The capacity of the product tank can be as high as 80liters, and equipped with an efficient, double jacketed immersion heater for even distribution of heat. This tank is also equipped with a state of art mixing motor system for homogenization of the raw materials and ingredients. The system can have up to 15 filling terminals with a filling accuracy of + or – 1 %.


The cooling system is created through two cooling tunnels with the air coolers for completion of the solidification process.The suppositories go through a sensitive cooling process where the medicine band passes through a spiral path that is continually fed with a flow of cool filtered and clean air, in all directions for the desired cooling level to be achieved. This process continues until the capsules are well solidified and attain the required shape and consistency.

This article has been written by Arjun Rao, the proprietor of Shree Bhagwati Machtech (India) Pvt Ltd.