Tablet Press Machine

Tablet Inspection Machine – Capsule Inspection Machine


Tablet/caplet, Capsule to be inspected are fed in hopper. Tablet gets placed automatically on the nylon conveyor through vibrator. The tablet move along the other face of the tablet is inspected during. its motion on the conveyor. Optional Dust extractor provides collects the dust. Rejection tablet trays are filled to collect rejected and 100% perfect tablets fall into the collection drum. Quality of the equipment, constant innovation and improvement with a focus on service are Shree Bhagwati major assets.

Special Features of Tablet/Capsule Inspection Machine

  • We offer CE Certified machine

  • Inspection Machine with contact parts Stainless Steel 316

  • Suitable for various size and shapes of tablets / capsules

  • Food grade material used for plastic and rubber components

Capsule Inspection Machine

We offer many different model with high speed Tablet & Capsule Inspection equipment is one of the cGMP best options to ensure rejection of defective tablets and capsules before leaving the manufacturing area, Shree Bhagwati Manufacturer of best quality tablets and capsules get picked for being packed and delivered to the customer with speed 1,50,000 / per hours.

Tablet inspection machine , Capsule tablet inspection machine / equipments

Shree Bhagwati Capsule and tablet inspection machine is user friendly designed equipments to ensure complete inspection of defective tablets and capsules tablet and capsule inspection machine best suitable for pharma industry with fast and accurate sorting , checking operations of visual defects on all different tablets.

Our tablet inspection unit It inspects tablet and capsule almost all of the surfaces that includes, operator shall checking front rear and side surface, tablet size and shapes for round, oval, capsules , caplet, triangular and many more. It best provides high speed performance and high volume tablet and capsule inspection with furnished tableting and sugar coating all around the machine.

Tablet Inspection Machine
Capsule Inspection Machine