All About Tablet Coating Machine & Pharmaceutical Blenders

Auto Tablet Film Coating Machine, Tablet Coating machine

This equipment is design to create a uniform coating of tablet with an organic solvent, aqueous or enteric coating. It is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industries and the food industries. The equipment conforms to the good manufacturing standards and has a high level of efficiency in operation.

Operation of the Tablet Coating Machine

The application of the coating material is done on a continuously moving bed of tablets. There is a system that also ensures rapid removal of the solvent using a hot air current. Product to be coated are placed in a closed drum, that is in continuous orbital motion , and the coating system sprays the coating material evenly in rotating motion to avoid excess deposit on the tablets.

This machine from Bhagwati Pharma Company is designed with energy saving features as well as able to operate hygienically and maintain a clean environment. It is also used in coating of pills and candies in specialized operating processes.

Ribbon Blender Equipments

This equipment has been developed with advanced technology to achieve high blending capabilities and is among the most efficient machines in the market. The ribbon blender can be used in either the batch or continuous flow form to achieve an even and homogeneous blend in a wide range of products.

The technology is widely used in industries such as pharmaceutical industries, food processing, animal feed processing, chemical, fertilizers, cosmetics, pigments, and also insecticides manufacturing. The machine is also important in the process of distribution of liquids and pasty products in micro dosages on to carriers.

Important Features
  • It achieves consistent and high shear mixing
  • Manufactured with high quality and durable materials
  • Versatile design which can be used in a wide range of materials
  • Able to achieve triple mixing action
  • Clean and hygienic operating process

The operation process is able to achieve good and gentle mixing with good shear and impaction and this has made the equipment to be popular in many processing industries.

Octagonal Blender Machine

Octagonal Blender Machine has been developed for mixing of various types of granular products. The machine is efficient and versatile used in mixing and lubrication processes in various industries. Some of the main industries of use include pharmaceutical production, food industries, chemical processing and also making of cosmetic products.

Octagonal Blender equipment has an octagon shaped body with a rectangular central portion. It is equipped with baffles that enable fast and efficient mixing as well as rapid charging and discharge ports with suitable butterfly valves. The equipment is highly suitable for areas where gentle blending of dry granules or powder is required.

Salient features include

  • Easy to clean and maintain in usage
  • Inclusion of a bin charging system that achieves a completely dust free operation
  • Reduced total powder consumption that translates to efficiency and greater productivity.
  • The octagonal shape allows blending granules from all sides in a continuous slow movement that results in high quality blending and lubrication of granules.

V Blender Machine

V Blender equipment is very useful in the pharmaceutical and food manufacturing industries. It is also referred to as the twin shell blender and is widely used in industry. This is because it offers a short blending time and highly efficient in operation.

V Blender Machine

The machine is made up to 2 hollow cylindrical containers joined together at an angle of 75 to 90 0. As the V blender tumbles the material is continuously separated and recombined, and thorough mixing occurs as it falls randomly in the vessel. The repeated converging and diverging motion enhances the frictional contact between the material and the vessel giving a gentle and homogenous blend.

The V blender from Bhagwati Pharma Company has special advantages such as;

  • Easy charging and discharging of materials
  • The machine is designed in a shape that ensures complete discharge of the product , as compared to other types of blenders
  • There is no product contamination
The equipment is made of long lasting and durable materials hence a good return on investment.