Tablet Counting and Filling Machine – Different Types and Benefits

Introduction– A tablet counting and Filling Machine is a versatile assembly of systems that work as a unit to accurately count tablets, coated tablets, pills hard, and soft gelatin capsules. The modern technology encompasses advanced vibration, several channel feeders, computerized and automatic scanning capabilities, and fully automatic counters and fillers which manufacturing processes used to ensure precision and filling up to certain degrees and levels.

Types of Tablet Counting and filling machine

They are classified according to their techniques of operation or the range of model types. There are fully automatic ones, Semi-Automatic and Manual ones. The fully automatic ones offer a comprehensive technological solution and use a special algorithm to achieve the best counting technique. It eliminates the need for human intervention and enhances extreme bulk counting of tablets with accuracy. The fully automatic pneumatic track-type Capsule Counting and Electronic type tablet filling machine are a few advanced versions that use sophisticated technology to move smoothly and comfortably. The Semi-auto electronic tablet counting machine makes use of both manual and automatic transmission and streamlines functions according to requirements. The manual table counting machine is simple to use and good for small batch production.

Semi-Auto Electronic Tablet Counting Machine

Optional features offered

While customizing the tablet counter and bottle tablet machine, few features like the elevator speed control sensor, ionized cleaning system, and accumulation conveyor of unscrambled containers.

Benefits of the Tablet Counting and Filling Machine

  • Cost-effective Solution- The hand counting technique is cumbersome and an automatic style of counting can save both labour and costs.
  • Precise counting system less susceptible to errors- The tablet counting and filling machine guarantees an error rate of less than 1% and this level of accuracy is due to its advanced state-of-the-art technology. The programmed framework can even alert of the broken capsules while counting.
  • Time Efficiency- The tablet counting device is highly reliable for bulk processing and there is no starting and stopping due to errors.
  • Speed- Numerous factors direct the maximum velocity that a machine can finish in a fill cycle. The counting machine assembly and the design nature can have the best effect on reliable speed.
  • Durability- The bottle tablet counting line machinery is made up of chassis of stainless steel that is sturdy and the contact parts are so designed that prevents scratches or damage to the bottle.
Tablet Counting and Filling Machine - Tablet Counting Device

Applications of tablet counting and filling machine

Tablet counting is a very important aspect as it can reflect the production rate. The hi-tech designed machine allows the counting and filling at a high speed and is used in various industries like pharmaceuticals, food, chemical engineering, and the health care sector.

Take Away– Tablet counting is a continuous and automated process and is very useful in counting tablets of many shapes and sizes. There are many types of filling machines and each one of them is unique and has a different purpose and to fill different types of containers and products. It works on the principle of using a vibration motor which causes a shaking effect and results in the falling of tablets. A few precautionary measures are also important like using protective guards and not attempting to clean or adjust the machine while it is in operation. Manufacturers offer high-quality machinery with all guidelines and maintenance mechanisms while also ensuring steady operations and reduced noise levels. The efficient conveying systems also have a friendly user interface for smooth production.