Tablet Manufacture and Packaging Machinery – Tablet Press Machine, Tablet Counting And Filling Machine

Tablets are one of the most common forms of pharmaceutical dosages apart from syrups and powders. Generally tablets in different ingredient combinations, weight, size, and shape specifications are manufactured at pharmaceutical industries. Equipments used for manufacturing of tablets are known as tableting machines or tablet press machines.

The main function of a tablet press machine is to press up vigorously the pharmaceutical powders or dosages of specific quantities into the form of tablets. The tableting machines come in different types and can be got in different size and configurations. Rotary tableting machine, single punch tablet press machines, multi-station tablet press machines, single punch pill pressing machines are some of the major types of tableting machines that are used for producing the tablets as per customized manufacturing requirements. The tableting machines today are available in small and affordable table top models suitable for low volume manufacturing requirements and also come in large, computerized robust construction forms that are apt for bulk industrial tasks.  

Apart from tablet presses, the other most commonly used category of machines at pharmaceutical industries is a tablet counting and filling machine. A tablet counting and filling machine is advanced pharmaceutical equipment designed to automatically count and fill the tablets into specific types of containers. Most of the tablet counting and filling machines available today in market are user-friendly, easily operable machineries that are usually designed to carry up most of the tablet filling and counting tasks automatically without labor. They are advanced machines which can handle the counting and filling task of tablets of almost any shape and size. In pharmaceutical dosage packing the quantity is something which really matters. The tablet counting machines are generally the automatic software controlled devices in which once quantity is fed then tablets of the same quantity can be counted and filled repeatedly with more accuracy. This ensures consistency in quantity and fastness too which cannot be achieved with manual methods. The tablet counting and filling machines are the ideal equipments for the bulk tablet manufacturers where requirement for fast and consistent tasks are required. There are tabletop rotary table counters available for slower speed automatic counting functions as well as the multi-channel machines for industrial tasks where higher speeds of automation and better accuracy maintenance are the requirements.


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