Tablet Press Machine – Pill Compression Machine Advancements

Tablet Press Machine – Advancement in Tablet Manufacturing with Pill Compression Machine

The tablet press machine is able to provide streamlined and automated control in the pharmaceutical mass production of tablets. This equipment plays an integral role in today’s world where a large number of drugs are administered in their tablet form. Currently the tableting machine has become a critical accessory in the pharmaceutical industry. The tablet press machine are available in two main designs which are either single station or multiple station machines.

The single punch pharmaceutical press machine is also called the eccentric press has a relatively low production capacity and was among the earlier models of the tablet making machines. It has relatively low production capacity or approximately 60 tablets per minute. It is mainly used in research and development and also for clinical trials.

Tablet Press Machine Manufacturer in India  

Tablet press machine manufacturers have endeavored to develop innovative designs with novel technologies designed to handle the different physical and chemical properties of tablets. Some of the innovative features included in today’s equipments include the modified feeding system to cater for different powder characteristics, ease of cleaning and maintenance, digitalized tablet counters and stainless steel construction that enhances the life of the machine.

Pill Making Machine for Sale

With the high level of technological advancements in India’s manufacturing industry, there is a whole range of modern pill making machines available for sale. Single punch pill making machines have now been fully automated from manual operation to fully automatic operation thus increased throughput has been achieved.

Cheap Pill Press Machine

The now motorized pill press machine is available at affordable rates, and is designed for pressing round tablets from various granular materials. It is an all round machine that is sturdy in construction and will press almost all types of powder and granular materials into the tablet form. The Tablet Press Machine Prices range from 2 lakh/ piece to 15lakh/unit depending on features and advancements made on the equipment.  It is important to note that different technologies will have different costs of developments, but the units are very cost effective.

Pill Compression Machine Parts

Availability of spare parts is another important consideration when choosing on the pill compression machine model to use. Some of the available replacement parts of the pill compression machine include the punch and dies, turrets, die and table segments and many more. These parts are made of high quality steel material including carbide-lined die and table segments that are very long lasting. The parts are always readily available for shipment when the need arises.

High Demand of Pills Compressing Machine (In countries like USA, UK, China, South Africa, Europe)

There is a projected strong demand for the pill compression machine in all these countries. This demand has been driven by various pharmaceutical product market segments such as the constant demand for contraceptive pill, which are heavily consumed by the population in an effort to prevent unwanted pregnancies among people. The manufacturing of herbal pills and nutritional supplements in the pill form has also contributed to increased demand for the pills compression machine in these countries.