Tax Strip Label Applicator, Tax Stamp Labeller, Pouch Labeling Machine

Labeling machines are currently the need of the hour as the products these days crave for proper labeling that depicts all the information. Labels have always been the only source of information to consumers before they purchase the products. Thus, it must be ensured by the companies that a proper label be placed on the products so that consumers can make an informative decision before procuring the items. Additionally, it also allows the makers to mention the important features form which, they want to grab the eyeballs of the customer. This not only help the companies make great profits but also help in gaining more consumer base.

Round Sticker labelling machine

Different Types of Labeling Machines

Tax Strip Labeling Machines:

Tax strip label applicator is one of the most sought after labelling machines by the industries, particularly the ones dealing with liquid content bottles. It has proved to be the most efficient for labeling PET bottles and has thus enjoyed extensive application in dealing with them as well. The bottle top U and L shape tax strip labeling machine places the label on top of the bottles on the cap. Entire process is very fast and efficient and requires very little observation during the machine run. The bottles are loaded on the tax stamp labeller that gets transferred with the help of conveyor belts towards the labeling station. Label roll then places the sticker on top of the bottles and thus they get labelled. This machine asks for little maintenance and has a high output rate.

Some Miscellaneous Labeling Machines:

Another labeling machine that has set its foot in the operation of label placement is the Bopp sleeve labeling machine. It is highly used in the bottle packaging and has an accurate process of label placement. The machine is able to handle glass as well as plastic bottles that are round in shape. Excise labeling machine is mainly preferred in industries like food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal care products, etc. It has a dispensing unit that releases the labels and places them once the bottles get transferred to the labeling station. Some of the labeling machines are also fitted with a few equipments like an enclosure or vibrator to increase the working efficiency of the machine. The enclosure of the machine makes sure that the machine operation is kept isolated from the outside environment and thus high working rate is achieved.

Labeling machines like Premium auto front & back labeling machine and Pouch labeling machine are high-end machines that are used in operations that ask for better workability and higher output from the machines. They have the competence to place stickers on both sides of the container in single operation and mostly finds application in industries like food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc. Pouch labeling machine, as the name suggests, is used for labeling the products that are packaged in the wrappers. Some machines like Vaccum pick & place labeling machine and Flame proof single side vertical labeling machine have a very efficient mechanism and a strong structure. The vacuum pick and place labeling machine makes use of vacuum pressure to carry out the operation of labeling the products. Whereas, flameproof single side vertical labeling machine is able to withstand high temperature range during the operation and places the labels on one side of the container.

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