Technological Advancement in Pharmaceutical Machinery

The pharmaceutical industry has been a front runner of innovative engineering solutions over the last years. There has been immense progress in terms of technology and quality control in pharmaceutical machine manufacturing. As a result of sheer hard work and continuous research & development, pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers have been able to develop advanced machinery with high tech features. Be it Tablet Pressing Machine, Rotary Powder Filling Machine, Bottle Labelling Machine or Dies and Punches, there has been a great technological advancement in pharmaceutical machinery.

Dies and Punches Manufacturing Technology

In the tablet manufacturing process, dies and punches plays a very important role. They are available in different shapes and sizes to provide different shapes of tablets. As a result of technological evolution, there has been a great improvement in the design and process of punches and dies manufacturing. Generally, they are made from high quality alloys for high durability. The quality of dies and punches is very critical for tablet press. They not only reduce the downtime, but also save labour cost. Punches and dies are also known as tablet tooling system, which is classified as ‘B’, ‘D’, ‘BB’, and ‘DB’. Today, various types of coating and treatments are available for tablet tooling system to enhance its quality.

Labelling Machine Technological Advancement

Labels are one of the most important factors for any packaged product. Similarly, labeling is a critical part of the product packaging process. Products come in different types of containers like bottles, jars, vials, ampoules, boxes and many more. And, different types of sticker labeling machines are used for different types of containers. For example, bottle labelling machine is used for labeling the bottle and ampoule labelling machine is used for labelling the ampoules. Over the years, there has been a great technological advancement in labeling machine manufacturing. Today, a wide range of high tech automatic bottle labeling machine is available with high tech features. Labelling machines not only provides accuracy in labeling, but also offers great speed, which helps product manufacturers in meeting high production requirements.


Filling Machine Technological Advancement

Filling machine is a very important machinery used across many industries for filling liquids or powders in different types of containers. Today, there are various types of filling machines used in various industrial applications. In terms of the application, there are two main segments in filling machinery – liquid filling machines and powder filling machines. The pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers have developed a  wide range of liquid filling machine and powder filling machine models suitable for various product velocity, container type, filling rate and filling volume. However, the features and specifications highly depend on the machine manufacturer. These high-tech machines are used in industries like pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, agriculture, food & beverage, dairy and many more. In the last few decades, pharmaceutical machine manufacturing witnesses many inventions which have contributed to faster, accurate and effective processes.