The Features of a Rotary Tablet Press Machine

During the production of tablets, the rotary tablet press must be properly lubricated. High-quality mechanical oil can be used for this purpose. However, too much of it can adulterate the tablets. It is, therefore, necessary to clean and lubricate the press parts a few times a month. Check for wear and tear on the pressing wheel, bearing, worm gear, and top and bottom tracks. The camshaft should also be checked for wear.

About Different Features of Rotary Tablet Press Machine

One of the key challenges in the metering phase of a rotary tablet press machine is the powder, which remains in the feed chamber for a long time, which is why single-chamber feed frames are preferred. This avoids the separation of material fractions, which can lead to high differences in residence time and inhomogeneous tablet properties.

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Die System of Rotary Tablet Press Machine

The die system in a Rotary Tablet Press Machine determines the shape and thickness of the tablets produced. The die system includes upper and lowers punches that move within the die bore. The upper punch steers the upper punch while the lower punch adjusts to the amount of powder in the die. The upper punch pulls out the granules while the lower punch is moved upward to discharge the compressed tablets. The lower punch is guided by a cam track that guides it up and down in the filling process.

Servo Motors in Rotary Tablet Press Machine

The system of servo motors and induction motors used in a tablet pressing machine allows it to achieve maximum compression force and ensure a clean product. The synchronized motors are used in the pre-compression process and the main compression process and are connected to belts and gears to transfer rotation to other parts of the machine. In the case of a servo motor, the upper cam tracks out the top punches while the lower ones push the bottom punch upward.

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Rotary Tablet Press Machine Continuous Automatic Operation

The continuous automatic operation of a rotary tablet press machine has several advantages. In the first place, it ensures the consistency of the tablet and ensures the consistency of powder and granules. In addition, it minimizes the need for manual adjustment and calibration during production. The machine’s features include the following:

Rotary Tablet Press Machine Standardization of Tooling

The tooling for a rotary tablet press machine can be easily interchanged when it comes to its size. The dimensions of the tooling for various presses are standardized, thereby simplifying the maintenance process and reducing the number of spare parts. Some presses have different turrets for different types of tooling, such as angled and flat-top. Special turrets enable the use of standard tooling, including any die size. The barrel diameter and overall length of the die are also standardized.

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In Conclusion

The Rotary tablet press machine is used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries to make various types of tablets of any size and type mechanically, with little human interaction, and to ensure that the final-product is of excellent quality for its end customers.