The Importance of Filling Machines

A filling machine refers to a special type of packaging machine that is used to measure a product from bulk by some predefined value, such as the level in a container, mass or volume. After taking the measurement, the machine fills the product into a box, bag or any other container that is used for packaging. Filling machines have a wide range of application in companies and industries. There are different types of filling machines that are used to perform specific tasks in various industrial applications. For instance, a filling machine that is used to fill bottled water cannot be used to fill cosmetic cold cream. Similarly, a liquid filling machine that is used in a pharmaceutical industry may not be so appropriate for use in the food industry. Some of the industries that make use of filling machines include the food, pharmaceutical, beverage, and chemical industries among many others. The choice of a filling machine depends on several factors such as viscosity, chemical compatibility, size and shape of the product, and environmental considerations.

Bottle filling machines are used to fill products that require to be packaged in bottles. There are several types of these machines. For small bottle filling machine operations, it is preferable to use the overflow automatic filling machine. Mainly, it is used to fill fluids with relatively low viscosity. For products that can be pumped, an automatic servo pump is used. A bottle filling machine can be used to fill liquids that have either medium or thick viscosity. Mainly, these three types of bottle filling machines are used in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Tube filling machines are used for filling tubes with the desired product. They also use specific techniques to seal the tubes to prevent the products in the tubes from spilling over. The fold and crump technique is used to seal metallic types. For plastic tubing, they are heated gently before being sealed. The tube filling machine can be used in a wide range of applications in industries. Some of these include filling of greases, food products, creams and lotions, pastes, powders, and glues. The many different designs of automatic tube filling machines are used for loading, filling and sealing plastic or metal tubes.

Vial filling machines use vials, desiccant stoppers as well as flip-top packages during the filling exercise. Vial filling machines can be used for liquid filling, or when filling powdery products. The use of vial filling machines in the pharmaceutical and food industries usually ensures efficiency during the packaging of products. The single track bottle movement and the pneumatic bottle holding systems that are used during liquid filling make use of vial filling machines ideal for bulky filling tasks. Vial liquid filling machines vary in terms of the volume of liquid which they are capable to fill in a bottle, tube or any other container. In the pharmaceutical industry, they are used to ensure packaging of the appropriate volume of medicine so as to avoid cases of either overdosing or underdosing. The strength and accuracy of any filling machine depends on the material that was used to manufacture it.


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